Hearing the leaves fall off in the middle of the night.

Knocking off a leaf every time you walk by or try to water it.


the view

My window view just looks into the hallway, so I use the ledge for my work-treasures. It changes, but right now I'm looking at (from left to right):
- a card I made for TJ and forgot to finish
- the rubber band ball I've been working on since I started this job 2.5 years ago
- a buckeye I found in the park on a walk. I usually find one randomly, once a year. They always feel special to me, reminds me of the people I loved who once lived in Ohio


not quite dali

A llama for you 
on a Tuesday.



Is what I would totally name my son, if I could say the name right when I read it out loud or tried to think of it in my brain.


Dream Job!

Writing suggestive dialogue for James Bond movies.

"You're a swordsman?"

"I'm used to a much larger sword than this and I usually only sword fight the ladies."
Every single "That's what she said!" could finally go to work. 


I'll be your huckleberry.

Sometimes you just have to hike 5 hours into the mountains, pitch a two-man tent, and buddy-spoon with your BFFL before all seems right with the world.


application: denied

My greatest regret is that I didn't say "Receptionist-ing is my passion!"


baa ram ewe

She'll learn the password
once she is old enough to sit 
through a 90 minute movie.
For now, those pink boots 
were definitely made for walkin'.
They have little squeakers
in the soles. ♡


Grandma the cheater

"When we were young, we'd pick the book from the library that had the best summary on the back and use that for our book report!"
No wonder she didn't grow up to honor her Quaker traditions!
  Those teachers totally knew she and her 12 brothers and sisters were a bunch of cheetos.


throw that cork away

BAB was proud, JAN offended, when Tiny
called us Tanks (in reference to our drinking abilities). Then we went and proved her point by drinking all the wine that was intended to have leftovers for snowshoeing the next day.


Squirrel Gingienacht

Hooch searched the wreckage. There were no survivors.


frozen fractals all around

After 10 minutes of cursing and slipping around on the driveway,  I was able to chip this 2x3" porthole in the icy layer covering my car along with the rest of this forsaken tundra.Then I said eff it, and drove to work. According to reports, BAB didn't fare much better.
It would have been nice to know
it was going to rain then snow,
Kathy Sabine of 9news.

picking up good vibrations

Most lunchtime walks involve me listening to a great story being told on a podcast, alone on the path, having a minute where I feel so in love with this life that I get choked up and quiver-lipped. All that, too, happened on this day. And then a beach ball rolled right across the path in front of me, like a mardi gras tumbleweed, scaring the crap out of me, no one around, and making me stop in my tracks to ponder what just happened.


Not sure it counts

Remember our version of a flash mob?  Everyone shows up and poops at the same time.  

In the moment, it was hilarious; borderline groundbreaking. Still makes me laugh pretty good.

don't tell

I spilled a little dabble of wine on the couch pillows and let Hooch jump up on me to be petted.
And then a cancer commercial made me cry.