this is gonna get weird

If we were caught in the desert with only the shirts on our backs and maybe the small whittling knife I always keep in my back pocket, I do believe there would be discussion of who would be eaten within the first 20 minutes. And I'm sure Julie would agree that it would be her that would have to eat me. And she would use my shirt to cover her head from the sun. And she would have to channel her inner Bear Grylls and sleep in my carcass to save her from the desert storms. And i would remind her how much she would miss me, especially while she was sleeping in my skin.

those goddam monkey bars

J and I tried to play on the monkey bars at this church by our house.  She got about 5 bars in and stopped.  I thought she was faking it, until I tried and nearly got my muscles pulled off the bones and shoulders out of their sockets!  How do those mother effin kids do this stuff?  The arch of the bars didn't help either, it was something out of Ninja Warrior, man.  It was horrible and hurt us both a lot.  The lesson is: Never Try.


We hit that ball

As always, the most challenging part of racquetball was to not pee our pants.  I would say, second most difficult part was being separated for 2 whole games.  I'm sure all the people at the courts have missed our antics.  Who knew the 1, 2, 3 shoot part would end up being the funniest moment?  I hear they're recruiting for style racquetball so hopefully someone comes by to see our skillz.


spear chucker

"Watch him pee on the track."
"Then he'll go over to the crowd and take a wife."
"Ha! A wife. Try 3 wives."

[A conversation between me, b.a.b., and my dad after watching another win by the fastest man alive. We were filled with the olympic spirit.]


believe it

here's a true story to bust your balls: the day we moved in to our new place we were sitting on our porch thinking "this is gonna be good." and then we look out and there is a rainbow in the sky.

we're on the buddy system

today we rekindled our friendship by taking an early morning nap on the BLOB, followed by an evening nap, commenced by the adding of chocolate milk. thank god she's back. nobody else makes racist olympic jokes or loves Bob Costas as much as her. nobody.



we're back to the good ol happy days, even if our couch is a blow up mattress.  the first few minutes were a little awkward, but i think it was because we were both so excited and didn't really know what to say.  and then there were a million stories and your mouth gets all dry from talking so much.  and then sitting around and laughing.  yeah pretty good to be back.


If Luke thinks he can replace me, he's got another think coming.