Merry Grinchmas!

JAN's what you might call Opposite-of-the-Grinch.  She looves Christmas and we all benefit!  
I suggest everyone find themselves a little Who from Whoville.


Watching The Cosby Show

JAN would be proud and laughing along with me.


Potential memoir title

Uh, Is My Fly Down?

Incidentally, also a race horse


That's no moon, it's a space station!

"Bab and I have agreed this is a Fat mirror. So if your hips look extra wide, don't feel bad."
"What's a fat mirror?"
"You know, like how sometimes mirrors make you look skinnier? or fatter than you really are? It refracts differently or something."
"No. I've never noticed that."
"Well... this is a fat mirror."

Oh to be a dude and not know what it is to be a teenage girl spending hours infront of a mirror.


It's that time of year

So get her what she wants.

The blood diamond.


People who work with kids for a living are saints because 3rd graders are
(scary monsters)


merry and bright

Somebody's happy it's Friday!
Me too, girlfriend.

What's that phrase?

You should stick to the written word because you do not have a voice for radio.


freezes the teeth and the boogers

I took one breath of the air, and it made me cough and stung my buckys.

smudged memories

Bab incorrectly told her mom I wouldn't want the lens-smudge wedding pictures when I have all the professional photographer pictures. But, bab's mom knew I didn't have a picture of the photographer taking a picture. And she is right! (Although, my one rule for wedding photos was to not take any of my double chin and here they are, ignoring that one blasted rule). Plus, I had so many tears in my eyes that weekend, everything looked a little smudgy. It's the smudges that make the moments so smudgy-wonderful.
Thanks for the sweet snapshots, Toni!


I forgot to summon my eagle powers

Just like Silencio, I bruised my bunions, at zumba, and now they are swollen real hard.