Warp Drive

It's hard having to be at work by 7am. Because that early, NPR is tailoring to their motivated, go-getter, early-at-'em businessmen audience, so instead of getting to listen to a floof story about how, like, poppy seeds will save a tribal nation or a well-endowed nude sculpture by a nun is ruffling pages of the Bible, they're going on about China's 5-year plan and the global economic impact. I'm of the 7-8am listener crowd!! Please, tell them I miss them and that I'll never come to like all the numbers and serious voices talking about what I do not know.


Hopefully also, "They are so funny."

"I wonder what other couples say about us."
"Probably that I never say anything and you never stop talking."


"I kind of like this panda."

"Did you make it in preschool?"

"No, I wrote my name in cursive.  I'll get rid of it since it proves I have no talent."



(Look how tiny 
I can write.

Happy Friday!
Do something
small but



Please let someone I know
have the balls to wear this costume.


World Series moments


JAN was born.  Story goes, her birth interrupted her dad watching The World Series.  The big exciting one, where the Mets won because the curse of the Great Bambino stooped down on ol' Buckner.
You kind of get her dad wanting to watch the game instead of getting to the hospital.  Until you find out that it was only game 2!  Joooohhhhhnn.




I turned 29 yesterday.
I jogged in the dark with Robbie.
On my drive in to work, I saw two rainbows.
Then I had a emergency sprint to the bathroom.
I napped for a full lunch hour under my desk with the blinds closed.
My Uncle bought me a bottle of Jameson.
BAB told me she loved me.
My mom said TJ is a stud with his long hair and beard.
My dad wouldnt apologize for being annoyed I interrupted the 1986 World Series. But I have it on good authority that he's happy I'm here.

Who knows what 29 is going to bring?
Day 1 was pretty swell.


Kate and Leo are both 40, he's even a little older!

She says they never were in love.  Yea right.

Avoidance is the first step

I talked on the phone for an hour and a half with 2 people and wrote blogs to not pack just a leetle bit longer.

Because a lady should have more than a map to Mordor on her wall

JAN painted these for me long ago.  The best part is putting them up and eventually taking them down to read the special notes written on the back of each.

(It's too tiny to read, but says because you love this crap as much as I do)

Title: Sunset with lamp post and people

Settled on this because mama was too lazy to get off the blanket and take the pure sunset picture


This weekend I hope
you feel brave & ask
someone if they love
And I hope that 
even if they have to pause
& think about it,
they say,
(but only if they are
an adorable
curly topped baby, 
otherwise, let it
 simply be,
And it's ok
if you
cross your fingers
during that pause.


Soggy shells

I admire the guy at work who brings leftover Taco Bell  to heat up in the microwave at lunch. I also worry about his current relationship status with his wife.



Did you hear I'm opening up a taffy shop in Estes Park?

It's the 26th one on Main St.

Visit us when you can at Munchausen My Taffy 

Cambi the camel has, 1 hump

Take a page out of this baby's book.


I saw a leaf bug on the sidewalk today.

Or maybe it was just a leaf?

For you on a Wednesday, in the middle of a rough week

See world

Admittedly cool. From way up in space,
you forget about the cruelty.

Even as a kid, we were all thinking:
 That fish is big. That pool is little.


Lefty Lockey


Mom, you can't say lefty lockey or else I'll start saying it too and then we're screwed. 

Sea lions bark loudly and "walk" on land; seals have small flippers and wriggle on land. Now I know the diff.

If JAN and I knew any millionaires, we would suggest they not buy a house right on La Jolla cove.

Because sea lions reek!

They smell so bad, some guy had to barf right there in the parking lot.



This weekend
you should go on 
and marry whoever 
you want,
who you 
really really want.
Just make sure
it's for one reason:
you all-kinds of
love them,
even when 
they are being annoying
and you are trying 
to brush your teeth
because it's bedtime.


E.t. phone the cops

"Hey! What the shit is THAT?"
[points angrily to hovering drone]
- me & old people