New Years Eve

Happy new year!
Let's make this a good one,
And if we have to look back
over our shoulder,
let it be while we are in
a pink tutu,



I found them sunbathing
on the golf course!


The holidays are about revolting your family, one member at a time.

Me: I have a cold. I feel like I JUST was sick.
Uncle: Hmm, can you think of anything in your house that might be causing it?
Me: Probably all the mold in the shower I keep neglecting to scrub out.
Uncle: Uhhh, yeah... if you have mold in the shower, you really need to clean it.


Thanks Mam-ma!!

I've named her PĂșca.
She knows what Christmas
is all about. 
And she likes napping
on the couch with me.



Graham crackers don't hold up well under pressure

We only had 1 breakdown of, "I can't do it!"  and a run upstairs to cry a bit.
I had to keep my composure with multiple roof collapses to be a good example.
The baby got her walls up all by herself and even told us the key to success, "Be really careful."

Older and wiser

Telltale signs that we're getting older - we have to drink coffee before every evening event.  Additionally, our pants were above our belly buttons: high comfort.  



They were sharing a
Thanksgiving meal -
two cups of hot coffee,
a cheese plate,
one bottle of milk,
and a giant yellow strawberry.
Let us all be so content
this weekend.
Happy Friday!


Happy birthday, Frankie!

You're  the dopest of the Popest.




It's a powerful
that makes someone
love you
 so much 
they are willing
to lick the spare
cream cheese 
off your grubby
little mug!
I suggest you
get yourself 
a hunk 
of the stuff
this weekend.

Happy Friday!!!


With how often I've had to clean a loogie off my car window lately,

you'd think I was living in 1980's New York City.


Just in time for Christmas! Nothing like a highly addicting terrible tale of the broken/lost human spirit to get you into the Christmas spirit!!


Target lady is real :/

She works at my Target, is about 20 years old and shouted "Riiiii-cola!"  when I bought cough drops.

Season's Greetings!

"It's like a cactus married a pine tree."
               - Noil


Look who just showed up across the street at work today:

My herd returneth!!
(See, I told ya -
think like the elk,


If you want to find
the elk,
you have to think
like the elk,
and pretend to have antlers, 
and walk in woods
with cloven hoofy paws.
And eat some Bugles.

You'll find 'em.

Happy Friday!!!


Here's what happens when you force yourselves to finish the hardest puzzle ever at 10:30pm, after 12 hours of work. You want everyone in the pic, so pass the phone to grandpa who has his thumb over the lens and holds his finger on the shoot button. Mom knows a million pictures are coming in and makes small facial adjustments to keep things weird.

Snow and Footieball

CJ Anderson won the game
mostly with that smile &
saying "Hi!" to his mama.
Maybe football is going 
to be fun again!!

Sight words and first graders

After the little girl got a bunch of words right, I told her, "Good girl!"  Then she told me, "I'm not your pet!"  

So I patted her on the head and told her she was a good reader.  Oops.