JAN practicing to be a mom.

Making ham sandwiches for 6 people.

She's going to be so great!


Find the drunky

Believe it or not, this night
ended a little rough for poor Beebs.
I feel guilty only because I was DD &
let her fly as high as she felt she could go.
In the end,
the evidence of our combined failures
was eaten by a dog.


The best stockings

One of a kind &
they hang above my fireplace &
I am always so sad when 
I have to take them down
in February.



Sorry folks, but I must always be in the safest seat in the car, most fire-escapable spot in the room, eat the freshest food in the fridge, and ride only the most maintained of rollercoasters because I'm on the bronze plan.

That's a $5,500 deductible and absolutely no name-brand drugs.

The Shallows

"This movie took a whole day to film."


The Last Unicorn

I cried infront of my boss yesterday.
Right as he was telling me he was  pleased with how I handled a situation with a crazy coworker. "I am proud how you composed your thoughts & argument. Three years ago you would have been in my office crying."

Whelp! At least I wiped my snot on my own sleeve.


December 1

Fear not, for behold! I bring you tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

It's Christmastime & I can barely
contain my excitement, oh em gee!!