can't stop won't stop groovin

Damned if I wanted to not like this music video. But, I do! I like it a lot. TJ is allowed to
like it too, mostly because he said once that every time he hears an interview with her that she gets less cute.

$40 and the drinks aren't free-flowing?

I can get drunk and paint
a shitty painting at my own house,
thank you.


So help us,

if the it didn't burn her scalp, blonde would be here to stay!


Tour de Fort. Friendly words of competition were exchanged.

I was King of the Mountain today!  However, it was old lady in spandex (which surely had a built-in butt cushion) who ended with the yellow jersey.  

These legs were made for climbing, not speed.


She just up and started walking. Next she'll be talking, and we're all a little scared :)


the OTHER bucket list

There are many reasons to adore her. See here.
Her list of celebrities she'd "do":
1) LL Cool J
2) The President (changes every 4-8 years)


toil and trouble

Poor BAB's bro-in-law had to put up with three gals in his kitchen who were mildly to overly enthused about the essential oil potions we were brewing in his kitchen.
     "I'm bottling Hope!"
     "Are you sure no one wants any patchouli drops?"
     "Which one is good for stretch marks?"
     "More white wine for all!"
He said he didn't want any part of our "voodoo witchcraft"... But what he doesn't know is that BAB's sister has been secretly rubbing the Purification blend on him whilst he sleeps! [witchy cackle!]
He should just be grateful we waited
to talk about our periods after he went up to bed.


generally "Meh."

We are the only two girls who don't get it.

Well, the top quadrant. The rest we get.


Every month my work calendar gives me new helpful information

The disappointment made her join a snowboarder gang :(

Watch what you let JAN see because she will tell your nieces and nephew things that knock you out of your hero status.

"I thought you were only supposed to shoot army men with the bb gun."
                - Corbin
I'll get my sweet revenge with Camber.


love language

He was in the air force,
where hugging was considered
a gayable offense.
                         - b.a.b.


Kris had to remember the jokes since I bb shot our note taking squirrell and it ran away

"A pregnant lady can drink a vodka and lemonade!  Vodka for mama, lemonade for baby."

                - J.A.N.


I know what I'll be doing this weekend: watching Flubber

"Oh there you are, Peter!"

Some our best lines come from this man.
And so it goes.


Verifying credit card with bank

"They need to know some of your recent transactions."

"Uh, there's Harry Potter symphony tickets.  And kindle version of the Harry Potter books.  Oh man I sound like a dork."


Devil's Causeway

I am under strict orders not to tell Bab what I read about this backpacking trail. I am not to talk about how high or narrow or steep. And I shant. But I do feel it's my duty to mention that should you plummet the 1,000ft drop off the 4ft causeway, you will have plenty of time to shout your final words, so I suggest you start planning accordingly. I'm thinking my parting effigy will be something sweet and simple, like "TJ! I forbid you to remarry!"

If you do  make it across, a change of underwear might be savvy.


posh brunch

Is she hunting rabbits in the forest or
taking her bffl to a super posh brunch,
so posh we could barely figure out 
how to work the bathrooms and almost
started looking for a place to start digging
(some of the best advice we ever got was 
"Never don't be without your poop shovel.")
because am I in the woods or am I
at brunch? 
The yellow lighting was
oddly enhancing of her blue eyes
and counteracted my witchy undertones.

Thanks for the good time, babs :)


anniversary adversary

"Celebrating one year
 of putting up with your bullshit."
                                                  - TJ