We should call Robyn 'Spanky'

Because she royally whooped JAN and BAB at Monopoly Saturday by buying up all the slumvilles, loading them with hotels and charging us $550 a stay!

Her only mistake was making a chintzy offer in attempt to get 2 monopolies from BAB; however ol' Spanky eventually got them because we were full of margs and hating the game we swore to love forever.

The lesson is to only play games of chance with Robyn.  

This little guy is JANandBAB.


Prince William of Worcestershiresauce

Do you remember that post from 4.28.2011 in which I voice my youthful rage against a poster of Prince William? (Incidentally, that post was our most viewed! Thanks, Willy and the ever dedicated Brits!)

Well, I was watching Malcolm in the Middle this week, and it was like a timewarp back to my room on the eastern plains of Colorado. THE poster! How many nights had I looked into those eyes before I went to sleep? How many times had the boy in that poster been jealous of my snubbery, when I so coldly shouldered my flirtations on J.T.T.!? 

It was like seeing an old friend again.

Oddly enough, I've truly come to adore his Royal Heinie. Isn't that the way life goes...


8 years running

I did it!  One more winter without having to go skiing.


I'LL give ya a light

Smokers are the most irresponsible people around and terrible sleuths. I don't understand how they can smoke a cigarette every day, if not every hour, and not have a lighter on their persons. Flame is key for your smoking success, but you can't be bothered to carry the manna? And, what clue makes you think the girl drinking chocolate milk and reading Harry Potter on a blanket in the park grass would be likely to have a light?  I'm going to start carrying around flint and see how well they handle that one. "Come on, monkies can do it! That's how you and I came to be standing here."

never winners

"Jell-O reminds me of college."

"Because of Jell-O shots?"

"No. We ate it a lot and always made it at 9pm, then realize it would be ready at 2am. It was so sad."  


oh God, I think we killed the bastard

Bab and Jan have been spewing brainthoughts as fact, once again. This time to the detriment of our Tiny lactose intolerant pal, whom we so assuredly informed chick-fil-a Icedream is DAIRY FREE. I'm not positive which of us thought up that fact, but today I was curious how true it was, and behold the first ingredient!
Not only is it not dairy free, it's like straight from the teat. Poor Tiny! It's a lesson one must always learn with ol' Jan & Bab.


Easter bunny

My fingers hurt from sewing that bunny, but oh man does this picture make it worth it. I forgive her for stealing my chocolate covered strawberry on Sunday.


Using the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds to go Super Sonic

With that hairdo, Justise Winslow always looks like he's gone super sonic


Leave it to Robbie

to make us do the coolest thing we've ever done: secretly put our 3 beers on the tab of the table next to us! The ol' drink-n-stink!!
I have it on good authority the dudes and gal paid the bill and didn't even notice the extra charge! Suckers.

Nevermind that one of the boys was my ball & chain and another was Robbie's boyfriend. It was still sweet.



Sometimes when I feel the mid-week blues, I look at this picture of Kanye and say to myself, "At least I didn't spend $500 on a sweater
that looks like I got caught in a wayward 
kitten brawl."
Then, in general, I feel better about my life.