Mermaid currency

JAN told me she found 5 sand dollars snorkeling, sounds more like she robbed a mermaid bank.


A place to catch food

I got the gap re-instated between my teeth and I swear I look poorer now. 


Life Lesson #1

Don't be the backboard!  

We learned this playing the ancient sport of college beer pong.  I think there is some sort of wisdom in there.

The weck jar metal clasp reminded me of those times today when it hopped off the jar lid and bounced off my belly.



"I love the easter reese's because they come in a carrot shaped bag, so you can pretend they're healthy carrot bites!"
- J.A.N.

Bean there! Done that!

A wonderfully cheesy joke donated by Aunt Maggie.

Everyone has to say, "Because they call the city Beantown.....................................................................................wait, no, that's Boston.  Chicago is The Windy City."


I'm gonna lay my head on the chest i know

That stray puppy walked past everyone on the beach
and stopped in front of TJ, nodded,
then gently curled up in the shade 
and put his damned adorable head right in TJ's lap,
his paw on TJ's foot.
They hung out like this for a long while
and TJ named him Pedro.
That's just the kind of man TJ is.

Feliz cumpleanos, muchacho!


endangered Species List

This baby's been going strong for 10 years - it was one of the flukes that missed the factory line where they implanted a "die in 4 years" chip. I feel like writing about it is tempting fate -but I just want to say I'm proud of you little buddy! Stay with me forever! And let's work on making our "25 most played" list not include more than one alanis mortissette song.


JAN does the best haircuts

Way better than cutting my own, where last time I snipped my neck a little.


Don't let the weekend be over!

What a good Sunday: best friend time, baby time, Amy time, The Rio time.  Ahhhh.
Now we go back to our most unnatural environment, work.  


Thursdays are just days to be endured until you can get to Friday

Soak up that mother f.n. beauty.

Hubba hubba

My new celebrity crush is NHL hockey refs as a group.

They break up a fight with utter confidence, tell players to "Quit it," and wear high-wasted pants like nobody I know.