There's a bunny sleeping in this photo.



Michael Flately dances again!!!!


corn grass

"Now you got a leetle taste of what I do."
                              - Nacho



"I read an interview or something once
where Michael Jordan said when he played baseball, this one guy on the other team admired MJ so much he wanted his autograph for his kids and gave MJ hints about what pitch was coming next so he wouldn't strike out. Pretty cute."
"... Isn't that Space Jam?"
"Damn. You're right."


monday blues festival

 A simple cure:
knowing you'll get to see
your littlest pal tonight!

happiest of hours

Chilis!  We went on the one day they don't have a happy hour, but it was still worth it.  The glasses are giant and hilarious, the flavor, oddly delicious.

 they were out of coronita holders, and should look like this
which would be extra hilarious


JAN wins the lottery

on how she'll use her winnings as said to work people

"I said I'd write a novel and then buy a million copies of it and make it as bestseller.  Then I'd buy a subaru.  Oddly, the subaru got the bigger laughs!"

Dodged a bullet

There are some kid dreams that I'm glad didn't come true.
   Like starting a stamp collection.

(It started and ended with this sheet)


beauty and the beast

It was a thing of beauty. Then i decided to give it a bath and forgot about it for over 24 hours, and now it is shriveled and on the brink of death. Very Whitney Houston-esque. I am the beast.


Movie review as typed into phone memo

We have a firm divide among friends about the movie John Wick.  While the movie poster is pretty B.A. I can confirm our first impression was blurry and cryptic:

Keanu water balloons put bull he Rt how could he let a disease kill disease kill his wife if he's so tough?

exactly.  he shoulda shot that disease right in the face.


Bam & Bab

i matters.

This is the Valentine I made for my coworker who
 no longer sits across the hall from me.

And then this happened:

I exploded my eye. Making too many crazy-eyes and laughing at myself. I think it was worth it... I look like I should be a villain in a batman movie. 


v day? i think that's when the Nazi's gave up.

Do yourself a favor - go back in time to Saturday evening and get a large pho #5 to go (save for later), then head to the cheap theater and watch the best valentine's day movie ever (Interstellar), then come home late that night hyped up on the possibilities of space and love transcending the 5th dimension, and slurp your soup while musing over your favorite moments during the last 5 years of lovin on eachother. I promise, you won't regret it.


Love to some is like a cloud. - Johnny Denver

Denver's forecast:
Love is on the horizon


stomping on the grounds

BAB and JAN were back in rare form tonight at the Rio, where we reminisced about drinking 3 margs and what that does to a person. We were saddened when no waiter knew our faces, as if we didn't show up every hot day of the summer between 2007-2009 for the free air conditioning! Then we remembered how long ago that was. Plus, we're hangin' with a new groupie these days. One should expect to be forgotten.


Let's talk about the elephant in the room.

It's me.  

JAN's mom makes chocolate santa statues filled with pecans.  Because it's so delicious, you take a bite and then another and another until it's gone in 3 days, but you seem to remember it weighing about a pound?

  Same thing happened last year with Easter bunnies.  yeesh.


Most days I wish I could go back to being a blonde, mostly because of how much my parents hated it. But then I remember how my scalp was being slightly chemically burned, and I'm no scientist, but I think you can only chop the tail off a lizard so many times before it stops regenerating, know what I'm sayin? I don't want to be an old lady brushing her tail-less lizard.


giselle and tom

I think sometimes they sit at home on the couch and say to eachother,
"You're so pretty."
"You're so pretty."
for hours and hours.


The Great Depression is genetic

Bab says I would have made a great Depression era survivor. And I bet she would have let her family starve on ill-seasoned meat.