When BAB was a little witch with a pointy hat for Halloween, from 1993-1997, she preferred to wear the elastic chin strap under her nose. Who knows why?

But, it's one of the many reasons I love her. 

<[;)    Elphaba!

"Lunch would be over at one."

Do yourself a favor and reread this little book.


10-day cleanse with fruit and vegetables!

Spooky, scary.

This year we carved our pumpkins in record time ~15 minutes. And then Bab poured hot wax all over my knee.

Thank you, TJ, for obliging us every time we said "Take a picture for our blog!"


The best paybacks I ever got

was when I stuck my gum under the seat at a Nuggets game,
it fell off
and I stepped in it.


bath and body works.

"Oh cucumbers. The smell of 7th grade."


Ninja took a knife to the head.

"I stabbed my finger at work today. Luckily, the first aid kit had the cushest bandaids ever."
"What were you doing with your knife at work?"


it ain't so bad

i'm sitting in on some sort of church counseling group of people trying to get their lives on track.

i'm grateful i'm only at this coffee shop battling my committee meeting and not addiction.

"Look how tall and skinny and tan that old guy is!"

"I eat three cigarettes a day."

- old guy who is always in the Glenwood hot pool

A horrible movie misquote

"Somethin bit maay!...
... it was a dragon!"

- Forrest Gump, sort of.

Me and Bab

bottom right corner, watching The Shining


How does this ad know where I live?

I'm pretty sure you can make decent money on a weather site.  That and cause quite a few seizures.

So cute it'll make you puke.

See the heart?
Guess who packed my lunch.


When the livin's easy

Summer was too freaking hot this year. (probably because we're moving closer to the sun). It literally only rained twice, with one tornado warning. This unusually long Fall is coming to a close - but I'm not ready for winter! It snowed on us when we went to Glenwood last weekend. Impending doom. Oh well. After looking at this picture, it's probably best I quit walking around with skin white as snow. It burns the retinas. In my defense, Bab was only such a tan little indian because of all the waste farming - migrant workings - she had to do.

"Your blogs have really suffered since you started your job."

Mondays through Fridays, specifically around 0800 to 1700, is the stinky pits.


A gift of responsibility.

When I unwrapped this tiny little fella, I experienced a sense of joy and panic. Then my sister told me she had found him in the humane traps set in her basement, and a wave of relief washed over me when she said I didn't have to keep him. His name was Guthrie, and I only knew him for a few hours. He liked to eat cheerios and jump around and crawl in his paper tube. For a few seconds, we thought about actually keeping him, but then Bab sternly reminded us of the hantavirus. Today, we released him in the sunshine near the creek and wildberries. And I hope he doesn't ever find his way back to me because I'd be very sad to have to break the neck of my birthday present. Thanks for the nervous laughs, Noel! :)


It is your birthday.

It is my 26th year being alive. 
I plan to rejoice and be glad in it. 

Thanks to my peeps for making the day 
so fun and special and cuddly. 


Happy Birthday to ol' Bestie!

Here's to JAN!  You're fantastic because you loved your 20% off Big Lots coupon so much! 

Radiolab proved it today

An argument I just had to have with a coworker when she mentioned she didn't know if we were moving closer to the sun.  
bab: "Well the universe is expanding, so probably not."

coworkie: "That's not actually true.  There are people who believe that, but there's other people who don't."

me again: "Wha??  They can show that things are moving away from each other by the light waves."

doofy: "We're not the center of the universe you know."

starting to lose it: "I know.  Well I'm in the expansion camp.  But I don't know enough about physics to prove it to you."
the bitch is, I'll dwell on this for a week.


Hobo tendencies

I'm proud that I ate the leftovers from the work fridge whose owner had left.  It makes me think I could survive on the streets being that today I wasn't a beggar OR a chooser.

Oct. 2nd was Gandhi's birthday!

I can't think of a more precious way to celebrate a good man's birthday than this. Next October, I'm going to India.

I can't believe we'll have to watch one more of these terrible things.

"This question goes to you, Mittens."


So move to Burma

People who brag about not voting are really inspiring.

Wait... that's not the right word. I meant "big jags."

That's a fast cat!

Tonight we saw a black fox run across the road!

It was either a very good omen.
Or a very terrible omen.

Oh men.

Sonic the Hedgehog

I knew it! Thanks to no one, because you all looked at me like I was taking crazy pills when I recalled, "Didn't Sonic the Hedgehog love chili-dogs?" Well, HE DID. And for good reason; chili-dogs are awesome.

Tiger Butt

"If I got a tattoo, I'd just have all my stretch marks outlined."
                                                                        - J.A.N.


Growing Up

It's a sign of maturity when you no longer want I do (Cherish You) by 98 Degrees to be your wedding song.


Gerda Weissman Klein was a Holocaust survivor who was deported from Germany as a teenager and then later married the US Army officer who led the troops that rescued her.

After a week of praying, or wishing, or simply hoping, a lot of us started this weekend with heartache. It is hard to face an evil that is in your backyard. There is darkness you will never comprehend. And maybe you aren't meant to comprehend it. because that would mean a part of you could hold on to it long enough for your eyes to adjust to the void, begin to make out shapes from the shadows. But, it is hard to know it still exists. I suppose it would be easy to say the world is an evil place and proceed to seal your heart from it. But then you also block all the good as well. So, we will just have to be a little more gentle with each other, a little more careful, knowing we're all walking around with exposed hearts, daring the world to be better than it is today. There are raspberries to be found.


gogurts are delicious.

You don't  open yogurts with the lid at your open mouth so the inevitable pressurized glob of yogi flies directly in there?



Easy to remember if you say, "Shirley Temple Grandin"

Adorable-ness is listening to your parents tell you about the PBS program they watched about Temple Grandin, the CSU animal sciences professor who has autism.  She's lucky she found a way to use her mind so effectively. Her mother admitted it wasn't easy for anyone in the family.  

You're not shocked to watch your mom's eyes tear up but are  quite surprised to see dad all misty eyed too!

A Sunday in the park.

On Sunday at the park, we found:

1) Poop on the bottom of TJ's shoe
2) An unattached squirrel paw
3) A buckeye
Oh man. It was a pretty good day at the park. 

The Taco Bell Hotel

Where you can get a room, tacos, and a little weed.

"There'd never be a reason to leave!"
                        - coworker



Here's a picture of my mom

to start your weekend off happy.
Oh man. Such a little hippie.


One thing Pop-pa and I can agree on:

Hummus is REAL good.

This question is to you, Mitt.

"When you're President, are you going to ride your bike around all day and annoy people?"

Heavenly underwear for all!!


2 Quick Things

1. I will never master the art of drinking and walking.
2. I will never stop trying.

I have accrued 8 hours of vacay

Dude at work did not let me live vicariously through his vacation days. If you respond with "Good" and "Nothing" to the questions "How was your week in HAWAII?" and "What did you do!?" then you shouldn't be allowed to leave work.


Thousand Island?

My birthday is coming up in the next few weeks and I've had to be quick on my toes about what I want for my special day. So far I've asked for a salad spinner and a chiminea. But what I really want, what I've wanted ever since 1993, is that dinner Mrs Doubtfire secretly orders. I don't know what that orangy pink sauce is, but go on and smother it on my green noodles and baby carrots!



Uh, I'm pretty sure one of these 3 latino yetis just yelled something at me when I was riding my bike home from work. I can't be sure what he said, but judging by the gutteral tone and buggedout eyes, he definitely wanted to pull out my hairs.

Squaw gettum firewood.

I bought some moccasins this weekend. And last night I was gathering firewood. I'm just a feather in my hair away from this:

"Climb up there so mommy can take your picture!"

These guys have been burning the crap out of the thighs of every kid in Colorado since the 1970s. A sort of "eff you" from the Pioneers, afterall.