Oh, Mittens, how could you? And for what, a plate of scallops?

That's the face every woman knows well... the face you make after you've allowed a man to put a dick in your mouth for the first time.

Nice, Mitt. Get used to ashamedly crawling under tables while your food gets cold.


A hole.

TJ: I saw this, this weekend live on the youtubes. Heh.

Julie: Is this what you were doing when I was helping your grandmother change her diaper?



It's become important to establish independence

but then you get slapped with a case of the stomach flu and beg your mom to take care of you all weekend.
there's always hope for next week.


What day is it?

"This Thursday Trump went to the White House and showed us how brave he is by meeting face-to-face with the man who founded ISIS."


We love ourselves an old, fat, white man

Watching the 2016 
Presidential Election results:

America once again declares it wants to grab the pussy, not take orders from it.

How did it happen? The problem is we have too good of health care & we are letting the old people live too long! I don't know that we don't deserve it straight in the butthole. Stupid is excusable. Ignorance is a choice. 

I shared a friendly "What. The. Fuck. just happened?" with my neighbor this morning... then started absentmindedly humming Lunchlady Land... I feel very sad, very worried about this country and what we are capable of. I feel chilled to understand a little better how a thing like the rise of a nazi-nation could happen.

But! Even when you suck, America, you're still home. And this is no excuse to quit trying to be good & right & just & brave.

Let's build the wall!
What side will you be on?

Woke up in the morning, 
put on my new plastic gloves.
Served some reheated salisbury steak,
with a little slice of love.
Got no clue what the chicken pot pie 
is made of...
Just know everything's 
doin' fine
down here in...
Lunch Lady laaand.