calm feelings

He lulls me into sleep, 
crunching on bamboo,
 humming old Chinese commercial jingles
which just sound beautiful to me
because I don't know the translation.


It's been a no nonsense campaign so far

"Sending babies to prison?"  

how could you vote for someone who supports that? although, holy smokes, that prison baby is hilarious.


"I'm glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things, Sam."

That's Frodo speaking.  And that line can make our eyes water all by itself.

They're just tears!

hot springs

"This feels like Europe."
"Because we're playing games in a weird place
and eating a bunch of weird snacks?" 


Group vote

Without my consent it's been declared that I am a baby a.k.a the weakling of the group.  Just because I made TJ carry my backpack across that land bridge and cried, got glass in my finger during stained glass class, and was pukey that one time we were moving on the hottest day of the year.

jan also pointed out I'm tone deaf.

great advice. hurts every time.

it was jan's bday 2 days ago

Here's to another year of honing your pool floating skills.


the monkey's his uncle

Get us enough wine by a campfire and find a proper primate walking stick, and Bab and Jan
do a pretty supreme Rafiki imitation.


old school

"He's probably inside looking at dirty magazines... 
Do they even have dirty magazines anymore?"
"Nah, it's all online now, dad."


shakey graves comforts

The world lost a good man yesterday,
a definite piece to TJ's honest soul.
Yet while we cry the sun keeps shining
and is oh so warm.
Smell those shrimp, they're beginnin to boil.


You WILL respect this movie!

"What if, throughout the whole movie he kept getting his hair out of way."

"Like this" shaking head side to side in big swoops

"Or brushing it aside with his pinkie."

Then we wheezed and disrespected the movie we had just told TJ he had to like.


kitty's gonna shake shake shake shake shake

Taylor Swift got a cat.

Happy Friday.


scallop collecting dream

"It combines my wife's
two favorite things:
snorkeling and treasure hunting."
                                    - TJ


scout leader

"I'm texting Robbie's boyfriend about camping this weekend."
"Whatcha gonna tell him? Bring two feathers and 5 oz. elk urine?"
"Don't give them pointy sticks after that much wine."



It's a worm that flew up onto my bike pedal in the rain at some point and dried out to die.  sick


what's the bfd?

Hey Jeffco Public Schools, why so glum? Who cares if the school board is sanctioning censorship in the name of patriotism? What's so wrong about that? I mean North Korea has been doing it for years, and look how happy those people are!


good for hemroids

"Abe would be proud. That thing has got to be a beast."
"I like that it dares to claim it's 'comfortable.'"
"Who'da thought, we only had to crane it in."
"Welp, I guess we'll put it in the basement. Since it fell through the floorboards."



Give us a lot of whiskey 
and a scerry movie about monkies
and this is what - exactly what - Jan and Bab turn in to: