JAN and I are afraid to talk on the phone after more than a week apart (which included Christmas!) lest we talk for 2 days straight.



"Does she die?!"
"Pssh. It isn't called Mother, TJ."


Jay! We're glad you like your mug.

We like it too.

 Fun fact, that little puppy holds more than 1 can of beer!  We had to do a surprisingly tasty blend of Coor's Light and Dale's Pale Ale.


Winter Solstice: Come on, celebrate!

If I were in the show Northern Exposure, I would be Walt, who gets addicted to the light visor in the dark winter days to stave off depression.
It's been rough, dare I say terrible but we made it!  Longer days here we come.  


for Toni

Melts the ice cube 
right out of your chest,
don't it?

shake your head as you say it in a sad voice

Lolz, everytime.

Safe at last

Look who I found again? My herd. They seemed healthy and happy eating the golf course greens.

"I have a rapists wit." - Bill Cosby

Oh God, I wonder what happened to Jimmy Fallon, that he's too afraid to tell us? 
He probably just thought it was gonna be a standard slumber party in robes, like he gets to have with the Roots.


any more brain busters for me?

It should come as no surprise to you that the game I most eagerly anticipate on Lumosity is the one where you collect things from the tidal shore. It's like those dreams I have where I find a penny on the ground and start digging and there's a bunch of buried coins:
my favorite!!!


Science is hard

Sometimes you can't think of anything funny because you autoclaved weak plastic bins that melted and sealed in 500 glass tubes.  You had to take out the entire wire shelf to pry the solidified plastic off that had molded around the metal bits.
It was oddly beautiful and scary.