"Sir, are you wearing that to keep germs IN... or OUT?"

A tip from a travel agent.

"The best way to keep people 
from sitting next to you on a plane
is to wear one of those surgical face masks.
I was b-lining for the back row
but saw the man sitting in it was 
wearing a mask and I was like, 
Uh-uh, bail. Bail!"



I hope this weekend
you think about 
how when you get old
you are going to 
just be in love with people
for who they simply are,
and how those people
will in turn want to 
grow up to be 
just like you
and before they do
 they will come over 
to your house
and all will drink 
boxed wine
and laugh about the time
(9:30 am)
and work on a puzzle 
and listen to that 
blind angel 
sing Italian opera.

Happy Friday!!!


I didnt even know Russia had paper.

Hey, thanks a lot crossword puzzle for the shitty clue of "-TASS." Not cool. You are going to let me google it and fall directly onto Russia's government-run propoganda news site? If the NSA is reading this, please note the other things I have googled today:

- Essential oil for a cold
- Khloe Kardashian surgery
- Easy fried chicken recipe
- The Carpenters Christmas album
- NPR Bernie Sanders

If that doesn't prove I'm a loyal American citizen, then I don't know what does.


Tetherball: Winner wears the Indian headdress

Book club caboose

"I am 100 pages in! *pats self on shoulder*  ... my weeknights, well that's where I'm able to get a solid 20 pages in before falling asleep!"

That's our Tiny.  


My work just upgraded to Microsoft Office 2013.



I wrote a blog on Friday.  But it wasn't funny.


Hallowed Ween

I made them retake the first picture
because TJ made look super fat,
so then on the retake I had the impressive doublechin,
still fat.
You can't win 'em all!

Can you guess what we are?!

(From L->R...
Marge Simpson
Cam The Ram XXIV
Alligator Luvr 
Alligator Luvr who wasnt allowed to be a chicken or a banana


Everytime I see The Rock on instagram, I fall in love.


It's been good. But not good enough.

Those were the final words I said to my boss Friday before last!

As one person has put it, "She chose happiness over responsibility."

It's practically been this, every damn day for the last 9 days.

Think happy thoughts

For you on a Monday.