I hope you, too, get to hang
with your favorite peeps tonight.
Happy Friday!!


"Hey mister, what's your bracelet from?!"

"Yiiikes. Sorry about that. At least he got held up on the bikerack and isn't following us anymore."
"Yeah... What did you think he would say?"
"I thought he'd say, like, a concert! Or waterworld! Not the hospital. At least he was nice. I wonder if his recently deceased dad is actually from Israel? I'm glad he didn't burn me with that cigarette."
"It's like you've never been to the city before."


A more appropriately aged crush

The younger Eastwood.  

And while he's very handsome, to be sure, my heart still lies with the original.


The funniest Kimmy since Gibler

Janskel and Babert give it 2 thumbs up. But, not the theme song. That gets a "too long" vote.


What is a litmus test anyway?

If I had to set up a challenge for JAN and TJ to prove how much they love me, it would pretty much go exactly as Saturday March 7 went.

Take me for a walk, go eat sugary danish breakfast, invite all 7 of my friends over and make a sushi dinner with spring rolls on the side (the most difficult of all dinners to get to the table) and not even tell me that you're pretty stressed and got oil burns from frying food!  All while I'm obliviously drinking Lucky Buddha beers in the other room.

They scored a 15.800 (same score that got McKayla Maroney first place going into the Olympic finals, where she would make a small stumble and get 2nd overall, but we were all still very impressed)
 and next time we'll order pizza.

Be cool

what happens when you ask your nieces to take a nice picture?

Knock 3 times on the ceiling if you want me, twice on the pipes, if the answer is Nooooo

JAN and her childhood best friend used to have deep discussions about what was Now and what was Then.

Oddly, neither of them went into philosophy.


birthday babby

Little BAB had a birthday bonanza on Saturday! According to the fortune cookies (that we secretly intercepted and rewrote) she has a great gift to offer the world. She is a perfect blend of love, sass, funny, precious, and best friend.



dualing lobsters

Uh, were you guys even aware that it's Lobsterfest?! It's a festival of butter, and little expensive drinks that taste like vacation. I don't think there are any lobsters left in the ocean, though, because we ate them all. Us, and the 80 other old people who chose to dine promptly at 5:45p!!!

Happy Friday, blobsters!


Pretty fast for a turtle


We made it through the hump!
And if you had a rough go of it,
this should cheer you right on up: