Julie had to swallow her pride
 and a pencil stub last night on a dare.


he answered her call

JAN did this bird call once in the apartment.  I would say it went something like "whipper-whill, whipper-will!"  
And out of nowhere, in came an answer to her song.  If I remember right it was "kwa-loo!"  
this could be JAN's future, sittin in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

Now I'm still a newbie at the bird call thing but if I'm correct, because of their fateful calls, Julie procured a mate for life!  My guess is he lives directly below us or below and to the left.  So now we just have to make sure it isn't that old guy.

a christmas miracle.

Long story short, one time my mom let me pet a cat that had ringworm.
A week later I lost peripheral vison in my left eye.
I became scared and hungry.
Luckily, I was sitting next to a plate of bab's mom's deviled eggs.
I ate one.
And I got my vision back.
That egg was filled with some devilly goodness,
for which I thank God every night during my bedtime prayers.


quit busting our balls, world.

if it didn't take so much effort, we'd dig a hole, lay down in it,
and die. maybe we'll just go lay in a ditch somewhere and hope a combination of erosion, windshifts, and Mother Nature will do the job. that'll probably be what happens.


she was robbed

JAN's bike was stolen Monday and it was really a loss for the whole town.  Because she lit up the place when she rode around on that silver wonder.  She installed the basked that may or may not still be on the handle bars.  So if you see a shady looking person riding a shiny, cadillac of a bicycle throw a stick in the spokes.  
it looks a little bit like this one, but comfier perhaps


i believe...

that being a college student means you can wear the same pair of socks 2 days in a row. 



julie steals

she took a dime from my floor. 



Pumpkin Pie Blizzards are the best.

I'm voting it for President.

Someone Call Child Services

Dee Wallace is a bad mom who allows her children to face RABID dogs and Aliens.


It won an Oscar. for Best Game Ever Created.

last night we invented a game called "Agent Michael Scarn"

  1. beer shot every time you see Stanley
  2. only allowed to eat popcorn if you throw it in the air and catch it in your mouth

the game also involved daring brittany to eat stuff I found on the floor.


play it with your children. you won't be disappointed.