"Give us a gay leap!" - director of The Secret Garden

We say this a lot, in reference to one of the best movie scenes of all time. When Collin is so full of joy after learning to walk, he steals his dad's cane and earns the Oscar for "Gayest Leap." I've watched it four times today, and I encourage you all to share in the celebration of this Leap Year holiday in the same way. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some gay leaping of my own that needs to be done.

Happy leaping!


Circle of mfn life

Remember this guy?

Well, of course you don't.
Shockingly, he didn't marry me. And today, he's teaching in the room across the hall from me. Silly world. Not as babe-ish as I remembered.  But, I'm sure he'll be able to recognize me from my forehead zit, just like the good ol' college days.

Life Lesson from Northern Exposure

Ed: What do we do now?
Chris: Well, Ed, now we dance.
Ed: ... How?
Chris: With abandon.


No. Thank YOU.

The best note we could ever receive.  You were 3 for 3 on the lol, Jay.  That puts you at hero status.  


Eubajeniah Doubtfire

"This movie is pretty dirty! I can't believe we all watched it when we were little."
"And loved it."
"Why DID we love it?"
"Because of this. Right here. This is why we loved it."


Bab seemed offended when I suggested she start growing medical marijuana. I'd do it, but I don't have all the lessons in herbology like she does. I'd do it in a heartbeat. Ca-ching!

it's not like you HAVE to smoke it.

Bus Tales

"Without this bus, I'd be in jail.  See, I accidentally got another DUI and my nicotine patch fell off today so I had to smoke a cigarette."

The same does not go for me, but I really do appreciate the ride.  


JAN's advice for yoga

"You should go and just wear undies & when they can't quit staring say, 'It's for the ultimate stretch' "


Holy Mother!

The knight bus is real?!?!?



Uh, no.  That's a cat in the background, not my fatherless child.



Alone. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


Some things we observed while sitting 70 feet from the man

when the dancers are in front of him, they are a black hole that he refuses to look at. Not even with his peripherals. He wanted no part of it. Nor did he want part of the free pretzel given to him late in the 2nd half. If I have any regrets in life, it was choosing not to wear my jersey that night, and choosing to pack more peanuts in my purse vs. camera with crazy zoom. One time, right after I yawned, HE was yawning. Mmm hmm.

Sorry, little neighbor girl who was playing with the new puppy,

for having to witness me crying during that episode of Say Yes to the Dress. That has NEVER happened. But, what do you expect when a groom who has Lou Gehrig's disease writes his vows to say, "I promise to fight as hard as I can for you, for as long as God allows me to be here." At least you had a puppy in your lap to comfort you.


BAB x 2

There exists one other person at CSU that has the exact same name as me.  I've gotten her library book once and many of her emails.  I'm guessing she has done the same.  Here's what I know: she studies ecology, likely focusing on bees.  It just so happens that I once studied bees with JAN during a summer in our undergraduate careers.
Should my project start truly breaking me down, I might propose we pull a "Parent Trap."

Short story

One day I looked to my left and there was a spider hanging out on my shoulder.  I thought, "What the heck are you doing there?"
The arachnid was likely pondering, "What the heck am I doing here?"


"I'm filling up my water cup with iced tea."

"What's she doing?"
"She's doing what her outfit suggests she would do."


Happy Valentine's Day!

Just remember, someone loves you. Probably. 


I once knew a pretty girl. And she was in love with the world.

If I was going to donate money to NPR/CPR it would be for two reasons:

1) it gives Bab and me something to coincidentally small talk about and sound very snooty at the same time
"Did you know there was a guy dressed as spiderman who got arrested because he was climbing buildings? Because - "
" - And I quote: Because he likes it." "JINX."

2) These two sisters from Sweden. (First Aid Kit).

I really hope CPR reaches it's 8100 pledges. For as much as $10 a month, you will receive a canvas totebag! People of the world - reach into your pockets so I don't have to hear those androgynous voices only talking about donations every other minute. I want to hear lame stories about viruses in the ocean! They destroy half the bacteria in the ocean EVERY day! But, that's life, baby!


Oh yeah.

I was recently offered half a bowl of cereal, and that sparked a rusty memory of sharing cereal with someone before bedtime when I was little. And then I remembered it wasn't someone, it was my grandpa John. And it wasn't cereal, it was ice cream. Two spoons and a bowl of ice cream between us.
And I was very glad I haven't forgotten that.


Golden Girls

My calves are still sore from our Monday night aquasize class, where - mind you - Bab and I were complimented on our athletic enthusiasm by the instructor. And I like to think all the old dudes were silently voicing their approval.


"I was going to go live with the gorillas!" - Liz Lemon

Did you know Jane Goodall had a stuffed monkey that she loved ever since she was a baby? It's true! I just read it in the enchanting, heartfelt book called Me...Jane, which can be found at Barnes & Nobles, in the children's section.
I snuck this picture!


Oh, daytime tv.

I can't say for certain, but I think these are the Hos.



The #1 question asked on TurboTax online is:  "Can I claim my boyfriend as a dependent?"

Snow Day!!!

And while my Mr. Plow-that'shisnamethatnameagainisMrPlow- is gone, I'm stuck with ol' hooch-hound, who is so excited that she has to run some laps only to come back to attack my hands and feet. At present, she is napping, and after a visit to the bathroom, that's exactly what I'm going to do.


thinking the exact same thing. always.

And that's why you and I are friends AND
we don't have any friends.
                                     - B.A.B.

The biggest compliment I ever got.

"She's not as wonderful as LeeAnne, but she's good."
                                       - My future brother, the dude who would look through me if I didn't ask him direct questions


I wasn't sure what an "options school" meant

but after subbing there today, I realize it's the place where kids whose parents have tribal face tattoos have to go. The carpool lane was more interesting than it's ever been. Then I found this picture on the interdoobie and I had to post it. Florida, dude? America's Wang? On your face.