Tom's Restaurant

The cast has changed
at the Seinfeld restaurant.
I never thought I'd say this
 sans Jerry,
but things just got
damned adorable.

Happy Friday!
Get yourself a pal to brunch with.


Rainy Blues

Colorado is depressed
because we haven't felt the 
sunshine on our shoulders
for weeks!!

To help buck up on this forlorn Friday,
here is a picture of Precious Baby
with her new friend Pretzel,
so named because of her twiggy brown legs.

I feel better already!!
Happy Friday.

Birthday 28

A week ago, this was happening:
TJ had a birthday
& I secretly whisked him away to NYC
 to see a Van Gogh.

Throughout the trip, birthday boy 
proceeded to be more beautiful than me
in every damned photo. 
I mean, honestly! I even put makeup on.

Happy birthay week, nanner!


3 little paupers

JAN, Robyn and BAB sitting around a cup of soup, passing it around, each taking a small sip.  

We had starved ourselves all day so we could sit in the hot springs, totally worth it.  

Where's the fire extinguisher? (there ain't none?!)

Cooking a quick dinner took forever since I spilled some olive oil out of the pan and started a stinking fire down among the burners!

A semi-quick thinking roommate got pots over the burners and a slower thinking me got baking soda in case the fire wouldn't quit.


"That amazing jerk."

This weekend, JHH III walks for his PhD and joins the ranks of the other great doctors of our time: Cosby, Kevorkian, Quinn, Holliday, Marten.
Rest assured, Bab & Jan did absolutely nothing to help him climb this impressive mountain, but we like to think we planted the fear of mediocrity back in the college days, as we sat across the table drinking giant mugs of beer, eating mini pepperoni pizzas, looking as if we belonged in an episode of Drew Carey. Could it have been us, with our sweat mustaches and seemingly endless thirst, who promoted him to run full-throttle towards a life of achievement? Not only snagging a wife who could be from the land of Rivendell, having a baby who we can't yet be sure (but we are sure) is the smartest baby alive, and then building a secret lair ("tornado shelter") while earning his degree. Like one of those fancy poodles. If he had known he was going to be this successful back then, he sure hid it well!

Tonight, we raise our beers to you JHH III, a good friend with a great laugh, who  was probably right when he diagnosed Jan & Bab as lesbos so many years ago.


Charles Edgar Cheese

May you have better luck
sitting in a photobooth
with a squirmy toddler
than I.