Cheese block

Cheddar in a home that only houses two 56 year old people.  

My new roommate, Jeff.

I like to call him "sugar baby" because it's not annoying.
And I like him because he once woke up with a candy wrapper stuck to his back.  

Nelson 4 Prez



When you have your own mountain
you have your own Easter sunrise service
immediately followed by
eggo waffles.


"What you are about to do, do quickly."

Did Judas go to heaven?
No! Well, betrayal isn't the same 
as lack of faith. So... maybe. 
hope Judas is in heaven.
Yeah, me too.


"I'm gonna slip you a little Gil between your Boggs!" - ballet director Gil Boggs

It was supposed to be
The Little Mermaid Ballet
based on Hans Christian Andersen's 
tale of woe. 
What it was? 
Offbroadway Disney on ice, 
no ice, no skates.
From the mind of director Gil Boggs,
who also narrated the whole 
dismal plot, was a "ballet."
I haven't laughed that hard in a long long time.

"Oh look, a sea cucumber!" 
-  3 drinks Noil

"I don't know, Gil. This seems an aweful lot like a Disney version knockoff..."
"No! It's the Gil Twist!" 
- 4 drinks Bab


New neighborhood views on my morning drive to work


And, today.

Mountain livin' be trippin'.