You didn't get the postcard I sent you?

Floating in the Gulf somewhere is a giant bag full of postcards people have tried to send while vacationing in Mexico. That is why you never got that awesome one I sent you (after running around town looking for the elusive stamp and mythical Mexican post office and chaffing my tenders), which is a damned shame because it had a naked muchacho on the front wearing a sombrero on his head and then a little sombrero on his other head and the printed caption was "Dos Amigos" and I wrote, That is a small sombrero, if yo comprendo. I hope whoever threw it into the ocean at least bothered to read it and give a chuckle.

Bab is in Mexico this week! Even though I don't expect to receive a postcard, I do expect her to send one. I do not care how hot it is down there.



May the slow turning creepiness
of the Kansas windmill skyline
spook you. And then after 100 miles
you are looking up out the car window
and see a real-live human
standing on top of one of the still mills.
Just standing.


Let the sun set on your anger

There is a small but valuable
pleasure in knowing that because
you and your husband fought
(right before bed while you
were trying to enjoy your
delicious quesadilla 
- you freaking sautéed mushrooms - 
and he was able to go claim
the bed as his angry-spot
which means you are stuck
watching shit late-night tv
in the hot living room)
he is missing out on THIS:

Home Shopping Network skanks.

Like I said, small but oddly helpful.


"I'm pretty tired. I think I'll go home now."

You guys! Did you even notice the miraculous appearance of Forrest Gump in this picture?!?

I wish I could hear the gasps.


Happy on a Wednesday

[waves arms across sky]
"Look! At the sunset!
It's so beautiful! And pink!!!
My favorite color!"


Happy Painting and God bless my friends

Oh man, this morning I was eating cereal and discovered Bob Ross is on netflix! And the sights and sounds took me straight back to my childhood and my mom's arms and my needing to be lulled with every brushstroke into a peaceful nap. Then Bob said he and his wife Nancy were raising not 1 but 3 baby squirrels! And that he would explain how to feed them while he finished painting the clouds in the sky, a simple technique that needn't instructions. To feed a hungry baby squirrel, you get syringe with a rubber nipple, then they latch on and you gently squeeze the squirrel formula (?) into their mouths. Then I realized Bob is missing the top digit of his fingie! But all these years I never noticed because he holds his pallet just-so. Then last minute (literally) he added another rock right in the corner where before had just been water. It was quite the roller coaster of surprises! And a beautiful seascape was the result.


Typical group road trip convo

"The question isn't why my iced tea is so bad, but why McDonald's is so good."  - JAN


Trump's 2020 World War Bonanza propaganda posters will include slogans such as "Foresight is 2020" and "You're fired" (w/ bomb dropping onto the globe while America floats safely towards the South Pole)

Future Draft-Dodgers.

We are halfway there.

Aye Calypso

Light up the darkness
and show us the way
For though we are strangers
in your silent world
To live on the land we must
learn from the sea
To be true as the tide 
and free as a wind swell
Joyful and loving in letting it be

Happy Friday.
Get on the water.



When she was a little girl
a frankfurter only cost a nickel
and women weren't allowed to vote
or wear pants,
much less run for President.
She isn't quite sure what to think
about it all,
except that it is definitely hotter
than dick outside these days.


Take Wednesday by the horns

Sometimes you just need
to be a floater.


Nobody cheers loud for a 300 penny win like we do

These are the ladies I come from. I can't gamble as hard as they can but I can chitty chitty chat chat with them all day long.
I'll even wear a bib in solidarity while eating crab legs at the buffet. Mamma brought us each one.


Everybody, love everybody.

Defining the enemy.

[HRC on NPR this morning]

"Do you believe you have the enemy properly defined?"
Trump as usual is obsessed with name-calling, and from my perspective it matters what we DO and not what we SAY… We face terrorist enemies who use Islam to justify slaughtering innocent people and we have to stop them, and we will... Whether you call it radical-Jihadism or radical-Islamism - I think they mean the same thing, I’m happy to say either - but that’s not the point… Trump goes way too far. He then demonizes Muslims, American Muslims. He wants to ban all Muslims from everywhere in the world, including the Mayor of London who has spoken out about this.
“Well, Trump has said he’ll make some exceptions.” 
Well, isn’t that good of him.

[jan begins to erase "Bernie" from ballot write-in]

Try not to worry about all the crazy people & so many guns out there.

And remember the good people
and the happy days.
Then promise to try harder
than your best
to be one of the good ones.


We hiked to the quarry

"Where they got the rocks to build the flatirons?" 


Bab knows what I like!
She lugged this trove around
 the entire country of España:
- Olives
- Weird gum
- Tiny saintly trinket
- Cookies from a nun

I feel so completely understood.


It's NO-k

Nuh-uh, emoticons. Blackface is never ok.


The logic is sound

You see why I thought it would storm and we would get hypothermia backpacking, right? 


A thing of beauty

Wear it with pride this weekend.
And just in case, have an escape route planned
 (short & long term).

Happy Friday!
In the words of the man
who could be our next Prez,
"You're pathetic."