Now I get why someone knew that a show about an office would be so silly.

This fountain is supposed to help us all chillax and help buffer noise, however the office is turning into more of a Chinese restaurant than a law firm.

But we DO support receiving a wonton or eggroll complimentary with a Will.

Banned for life

"So you think Dad will ever let you get a Christmas tree for him again?"

No way, dude did not love the Charlie Brown.

Cultured swine

More like Blah Blah Land.

Gene Kelley and Debbie Reynolds would have NEVER approved of this one-melodied tapa tapa.


Easier than a wall

Just make soccer illegal, Donald.



... more like FLILF,
amiright America?



I love this man.
And not just because 
he bought me icedream.
Although, that didn't hurt.


Gurl was not as cute
standing by my bedside
at 1:30 this morning.
I should have suspected 
something was up
when she couldn't get enough
bedtime noogies.

Why doesn't she wake TJ up
for the exciting sprint to the backdoor?


100% Cotton. Yo mama picked it.

What the heck are these
soft little things?
I don't know but I feel
a strong compulsion to
collect all of them.


Trump that

Sometimes the country you live in
goes a little batshit insane
& you feel depressed &
like you just burp-vomitted...

but then your baby waves at you
from inside the womb
keeping its back to you like 
a chill little mofo
& you remember 
life is good. Real good.


Later, Tater

I dreamed last night Ol'Bama was on the phone and I had one last tater-tot on my plate. I held it up, waggled it between two fingers, pointed to the tot then to him then back to the tot. He smiled, catching my drift.

Barry, the world is gonna miss you.


What dat bebé gonna look like?

I hope if I get cravings
it's for something cheap,
like used dryer sheets.