Yo quiero always

"Remember how Taco Bell had no ill affects on us whatsoever?! Hahaha."
"Were we the only ones who didn't suffer, but in fact, were strengthened by Taco Bell? Those weaklings."


No mo' hobo

I'm trying to not wear pajama shirts to work so often.

It's supposed to walk the line of man-monkey lady love

Boost our cokes with a little whiskey and jan and bab turn into 2 ladies who are a little scared and have a lot of comments.



I've been riding my bike the longway home - sans light rail shortcut - and I've been cat-called 2x! The first one was something about my "booty." From a white guy in a station wagon. Pffffff. But the second time was from a 8 year old blonde chubster, sitting on a fence with his razor, who called out , "I like your bike!" To which I halla'd back, "Thanks! I like your scooter." He looked like this, with a little more chub and no coonskin hat. If he had been wearing a davy crockett, I would have stopped my bike and chased him around the playground until he let me hug him.


"Yeah, I was in BANNF and saw some elk."

Is what a d-bag says to the ladies, who shared their elk viewing rock, prompting one to be confused and the other to make sure, "That's in Canada, right?"

Follow-up question: "What do the elk look like up there?"  cause we're thinking thicker fur, lighter color coats due to more snow, name harnesses, because honestly, some of those could be Santa's.

"They look exactly the same. No difference at. all."

We should done the world a favor and nudged him off the steep side the rock ever so gently.


all about that bass, no treble

This sunset was comforting after I had to slam on my brakes while I was adjusting my lumbar pillow - which made me honk accidentally at the car full of black ladies and then I felt compelled to yell to them, "Sorry! I didn't mean to honk my horn!" I don't think they could hear me though because they were laughing too hard. I'm such a cracker sometimes it's embarrassing.


duck dynasty

I was recently told " you don't want chickens, get ducks." And now I am convinced I want ducks! Aside from the health benefits of their eggs and lack of vicious pecking order - I want them because I will make them believe I am their mama and then will show them the way south in my ultralight glider (shaped like a duck) showing them the migratory path our grandfathers once travelled from Poland.


Mission impossible accomplished

After 2 weeks of dedication, I just finished reading this here blog in its entirety.  Here are 2 facts about our baby: there are roughly 1700 posts, the best one is all of them, don't even try to pick a favorite because one of us will be a little hurt and it began back in a little house in Ft. Collins that had yellow paint and brown trim (a terrible combination of colors).

It's interesting to point out that there used to be a lot more fictional tales, we've transitioned to mostly true stories these days.  My catch phrase is usually 'real life is more hilarious than fake,' but sometimes it's not because in the fake world raccoons glow in the dark and tease you, little league allows 2 adult ladies to join their team, we arm wrestle, join the Lollipop Guild, visit the original, incorrect 4-corners and grow Todd Helton goatees.

It was voted Best Thing to Look at on the Interdoobie independently by both jan and i.



"HP symphony on NPR Classical!"
"Wahhhttt! Also it snowed this morning!"
"Magical times all around! There was a story on NPR about abortion and I was like too much for a Friday! then I switched to classical and it was HP!"
"Christmas has come early! Actually, no snow here, just fog and cold. More like when the dementors come to town."
"See what I'm sayin about NPR? No balance! It's either flute music and talking about butterflies or crazy hard core news! Dementors! Haha - it was very Privet Drive-esque!"
"True, you have no time to prepare for the butterfly report or the abortion one."
"Bab - you need to eat some chocolate. It will help you feel better. Prof Lupin told me so."
"Great idea! Thank goodness for my chocolate covered coffee bean stash."
"Mmmmm chocolate beans!?"


she fell down a hill and fell asleep in my arms. best b-day party ever.

Tuesday, favorite baby turned 1.
Last year it was biblical flooding 
and today it might snow.
She is pure magic,
especially when it comes to making
her Uncle Yay fall madly in love with her.
I can't wait to see what other powers
she reveals this year. 
Live it up, sweet love of mine...


Go bike up a hill in the mountains.

There's no air and it feels like you're biking straight up a mountain and soon you'll hit the moon.

technology is cyclical

Every time someone brags about how they just bought an old record for $20, I tell them how my sister once put our Fraggle Rock vinyl on top of the lamp to keep it out of my other sister's reach but then the heat of the incandescent bulb melted the plastic and what ensued was family crisis '88 and lots of crying. Mostly to prove the point that records are lame and if you're spending $20 on an old warpy album then they heard you comin' in your tight hipster pants a mile away. "Swish vrrr. Swish vrrr. Swish vrrr." - your pants


to know her is to love her

This is the woman
who donated half of Bab's DNA.
And it all makes sense now,
doesn't it?


I worked very hard to make it to the last book.

Mostly because the cover looks so good.

thank yer

"Julie, If I saw you on the street
I would guess you were a 
field hockey player. You know,
'cause those girls are big and strong."

If I had a dollar for every time
I've been told that exact same thing...