This is not the greatest blog in the world. This is just a tribute.

What is this, the heyday of 2008?
Thanks for all the recent comments and general joviality, homies!

How very cowabunga of you.

Tom Cruising

K$ was out guarding the nation these last 3 weeks. Don't even bother asking him the details because they are "Classified you nosy wenches, I am not going to tell you, not even if you are standing over my deathbed, not ever, and if you do not cease and dissist trying to tickle it out of me I will have to unleash Read'em & Weep."

But, we figured it out:


We really needed a pick-me-up

So we set in to watch the hilarious new special by Tig Notaro.

Only to find out it was a documentary of how she bravely shared the small bit of humor throughout multiple tragedies in her life where God kept saying to the angels, "You know, I think she could handle a bit more," and the angels cried, "Noooo!"

Well you broke our hearts, Tig.  Now go wipe that ice cream mustache off your face and do something super funny for our red-rimmed eyes!

(getting our hearts broken surprise and crying uncontrollably is totally a running theme in the lives of janandbab)

Simba. It is time.

I've decided it's time to delete the Jazon Mraz songs from my iTunes.

This is not a reflection of his character.

If you want to stress out your friend, move to a different country and leave your precious plant in their care.

I have a plant that was 
bequeathened to me when
a friend moved to Guatemala
for two years.
It's a special little plant,
because it's supposed to grow
these buds and I am supposed
to harvest them and save them
so that when she returns
she can make a tincture!
A freaking tincture.
And I adore her, so I don't mind.
But this plant was a little bitch
this past winter and dropped 
every damned leaf!
And all I could think about was that
promised tincture,
so I lovingly repotted it
and for over 6 months
this is what I looked like:
And everyone,
I mean everyone
asked why I had a stick in a pot,
and I would give them my best
worst spitty impression of Samwise Gamgee,
"I made a promise, a pffromiss, Mr. Frodo."

Then one warm day
little buds appeared
and then two branches grew 
and grew and grew.
It doesn't look as pretty 
as the original leaves did,
but, it liiiiives!!!
Which is great because she recently asked about it:

Never let an adorable hippy
become your very dear friend.


Love in the form of goat

When you have a best friend,
you hand stitch a goat 
for their american girl doll
and you don't even complain
about your hurty fingertips.

That's what you do.




Go on and steal
somebody's heart
this weekend.

Wiener Mobile

Back when the world was so innocent.
And, quite frankly, gullible.
 I'm looking at you, Nazi propaganda.


"You were trying hard."

"And that was stupid, too!" 
So sue JAN if she gives 110%, she does it for us, the people.


If you're going to hit your woman, tell her why - old immigrant guy in Denver

The offer was for one punch,
which she absorbed.
She had no idea there would
be a second punch.
In this picture are 3 of my favorite things:
#1 BAB

We set Bab up for a suckerpunch
this weekend! Oopsie. But worry not,
 all she needed was a little Katy Perry
and some cold beers, classic remedy.
You should all be in love with her,
if you aren't already -
for many, many reasons.

Beach Boi

Good grief - it's like I ripped this
right out of Surfer magazine.
He sickens me with his beauty.


Many brave hearts are asleep in the deep, so beware! Be-e-e-ee-ware!

 The Captain of this ship was a wild one!
She refused to put on clothes,
she swung from the boom,
and she was captivated by
my remix of All About That Bass.
Cuz you know I'm allabout dat boat
bout dat boat, 
NO trouble.


Whatever happened to predictability

We rented bikes and rode all around San Fran. The sun never came out
 and TJ almost crashed into a wheelchairin' hobo.
I did enjoy the fancy walgreens with high-security
and singing my favorite 90s show theme song at any quiet moment.
We ate good pad thai and banh mi sandwiches,
but it was weird looking out the window at
 the hobo who chose to park his stroller to lay down and stare at us,
while saintly samaritans combed the streets with biohazard buckets. 

San Francisco, you are one dirty son of a bitch. 

I did get a souvenir though:


Docta Jones

Don't come to my house for first aid, because things are getting a little old and everything has turned into baby powder.


This is all of us eating Palisade peaches right now

Sedimentary, Metamorphic, Igneous

$12 to whoever can guess what kind of rock this is!

Answer: That ain't a rock! It is a pre-chewed dried-out hunk of elk meat that I spit into a papertowel and forgot about until it fell out onto my desk like some weird little crouton.



"So, what I got from that movie is that every dude she met on the trail wanted to rape her. Pfff."
             - Dudes

     -  Ladies, who can fully imagine if we walked the Pacific Coast trail alone we would carry mace in one hand, knife in the other and toootally think every dude - and possibly bear - would be out to get us.  THAT part of the movie was the most believable. Also believable, the part where she doesn't think to make a fire for days upon days when her propane tank proves obsolete.
Women ... ya gotta love us!
But keep your distance, ya filthy animals.


July 31

A week ago I forgot to wish a happy birthday on this here blog to one of the most important men in my life. A man with a heart of gold, who I have loved since he was 11 years old.

Happy 35th birthday, Harry Potter!



I like when the good colors cluster ever so prettily. It's like the ONE special thing that can possibly happen when doing stupid dishes.


hair artist

We're both quite happy that JAN doesn't have to smoke the peyote to gather inspiration for my haircuts.  For one, she'd be in her little smoke tent forever and second she would be all bouncy dancing, way too close, up in my face.