Gibbler, always good for a laugh.

I couldn't tell you the last time I fell asleep on the couch watching Full House. Oh wait, yes I can - last night shortly before 8pm.


aka dried plums

"The hardest part about eating prunes at work is not letting people see you're eating prunes."
                  - JAN


Sharing a bed

"Ones hard - but two's impossible."
"THAT's what she said."
"I can't believe you just said that to your mom."


Some may say that I deserved it.

After a total of 1.5 snow days this week, my car wouldn't move on the sheet of ice that was the street this morning.  So I put on my walkin' boots and trekked to work.

This picture was taken mid-slipping-on-the-ice
this is a would-be sidewalk 
i walked so much, that i've had the toots all night


Where's spring, man?

The worst is wiping snow off your car directly into your boots.


Life as I know it.

One day we were hiking to the left of that plateau, and I slipped and fell right in front of a tiny Asian family.

One day, I will write an autobiography, and that moment will probably be Ch. 11 - Eggroll.


"Jon Stewart was ragging on him because he said he plays in the "open space areas" with his grandkids. Couldn't say "parks" like a normal human being."
"Well, he would have said "country club," but he was strongly advised not to."



Is how I felt when a letter from the IRS showed up.  
turns out they had just gotten the amendment i sent in, whew!

The Great Set-Up

My co-worker so sweetly bought some Reese's Eggs for me for Easter.  She's on a diet, so she stayed out of the mayhem.

On Tuesday she said, "You didn't eat as many Reese's as you did yesterday!" 

Friday I was told, "You did a really good job of making those last until the end of the week."

The next week our boss was victim, "I knew Dan liked Reese's but I didn't know he liked them that much.  He ate quite a few!"  
the cause of all my delicious pain


We all have a hero in our hearts

Don't mess with BAB in the arcade. She is really really good at those games. Her PacMan skillz were mad crazy, y'all. Nobody wanted to follow her high scores (and when I did and couldn't get gd Pacman down to the dots, she yelled at me "Turn that corner, dammit!") Me? I sucked. I wasn't even good at putting in the quarters. I was genuinely surprised at how b.a. BAB was and asked her to explain herself. "I spent a lot of time at the arcade with my mom when I was little." Oh you did, did you? And did you also suffer some terrible trauma or disaster that must be avenged? It's like she's been some secret superhero all this time. If you have to battle pixelated aliens, you want her on your team. When I told my mom she should have taken me to the arcade once in a while because I'm an embarrassment to the name of  Centipede, she just looked at me and said, "I'm sooooo sorry." Whatever, mom.
TJ did get high score on Qbert,
but that's only because nobody plays that game.


The rewards of Easter Sunday at Red Rocks

Cinnamon rolls when you get home, seeing doves fly in formation, the respect of one John N.


Beanbag tossing

"I had to explain to him what Cornhole was. He thought it sounded like something dirty!"
"Well, he's from Nebraska. That's what they call it over there."


Floating Heads

Reason #4992 why JAN is my bffl:
She let me get two kinds of beer for my birthday celebration.


Lochte Ness Monster

"I'd like him to keep his mouth shut
and his clothes off."
                             - BAB