Memorial Day Weekend

Rainbows were everywhere.


This place is a dump

There's no scavenging allowed at the dump.  But try telling that to treasure hunters, especially the one in the hat.



Just imagine if these margaritas 
had arms & could hug eachother.
That pretty much sums up our Friday.

(From L to R: Robbie, Jan, Bab)

Home diggity

I'm back home, where ice falls from the sky. This would never happen in Spain.   It's been so fun to see my pals, drink margaritas and cry about how hard and lovely life can be. Hugs are the best. And seeing all the kids I know 6 weeks older and definitely more grown up.   Blog ammo is going to be more challenging without the appeal of foreign travels, dammit!


Friendly Friday

The summer sun
rises directly between the trees
in the park across the street
& sometimes everything is still dark
except me
standing in the rays
& it's hard not to feel like
the most special person
in all the land.

Happy Friday!
I hope you get to hug
your BFFL for an extended period 
of time after a long separation;
that's what I'll be doing.


Never ending lechuga

Feeling a little bummed out because this salad is a lot bigger than I thought it would be when I grabbed it for lunch.

Pardon me, while I continue to eat it for the rest of my whole life.


My bags are packed and full of souvenirs

After non delicious mall food for my last Spanish meal, I stopped by a restaurant near my hotel for one last tinto de verano
I can and can't believe my trip is over. I'm happy I was here for song long because it gave me time to be excited, then exhausted, homesick, back to excited and finally settle into a rhythm of being used to traveling.    I won't miss that all the restaurant kitchens are closed from 4pm-8:30pm, my prime eating hours. But I WILL miss a free tapa with my drink, historic sights all over, walking and public transporting everywhere and tortilla for breakfast.   Now I'm ready for some CO adventures and I'm SOOO excited to have drinks with friends!!!  

EU, we need to talk

You have too many coins. I don't even have the 2 euro coin here. 


This beer cost the same as a Coke (1euro)

I got it from a street vendor, and you can just go drink it in the park! It's like Vegas but classier!


Hot to trot

Strip clubs should all be replaced by flamenco bars because that shiz is sexy! I liked how the guy lifted up his vest so we could see his butt better :)
(This was just at the end when we were allowed to take pictures)


Bella vista

It's the prettiest train ride from Granada to Seville!
  You can see a little bit of my camera's reflection, kind of like looking at a magic eye


JAN and BAB agree

that foreign dogs are great. This little guy was cute, possibly toothless and blind.

My horrrrn can pierce the skyyyy!

Tiny compeleted her first week at her new job.
BAB will be home in less than a week.
Robbie & I no longer have to jog in a pitch-black morning.
Happy Friday.


So dang close

I alllmost got this tunnel without anybody walking in it. 


Poppyseed muffin

Springtime poppies are blooming all over the place! I guess they're tough to see, However, this is an old piece of a bridge along the Darro River (more like stream right now) in Granada.
Robyn, I expect you to know everything I'm talking about for the next few days.


Sweet goodbyes

It's my last night in Barcelona. I'll always remember how whenever I walked by this library I thought, "Dammit, Brandon." 



Spanish ikea doesn't have cinnamon rolls :( 

Just looking at them makes my teeth hurt

Remember that one year Skittles changed the green ones from lime-flavor to green-apple?

What an effing travesty.


Any given Sunday

Sometimes you miscalculate the 8-hours-ahead time difference & text your BFFL at what you think is 11pm but is actually 1am. That's why you should never leave behind the one who is bad at math.

Home away from home

here's a taste of my little Barcelona life My apartment for a whole month! I make a scrambled egg with veggies for breakfast and depending on my clothes situation, do a load of laundry.




Get dressed and let my witchy undertones shine, baby.

Hit up a museum or an attraction. I'm so happy when a museum lets you take pictures!

Write 10 postcards to the people I love best (you buy postage at the tobacco shop 3 doors down from the gift shop). But then which mailbox do you put the cards in?!? I went for yellow because I've seen more of them around. FYI: international stamps are 1E but to the US it's 1.25E so it's very likely that the first set of postcards I sent will never reach their destination :(

Get a mango coconut juice at La Boqueria. I didn't get one the first time I saw them because there's a boodle of flavors and I was overwhelmed, but I went back another day.


Take out the trash. Brown: compostables Gray: trash Yellow: plastics and cans Green: glass (wine bottles) Blue: paper

If I understand correctly, some of the bins have direct lines to the waste treatment plants a la' The Grinch movie 

Get a bottle of wine to drink with dinner over the next 2-3 (usually 2) evenings


Then I'll watch some Netflix, send a couple of emails, do a duolingo to work on Spanish and sum the day up in my journal along with a Rose (best part) Bud (what I'm looking forward to) and Thorn (annoying thing) for the day



I have just 3 days left in Barcelona. Tomorrow I'll go to Ikea and get myself a cinnamon roll and coffee and read. It's been good, quiet, beautiful, smelly in the stinky way (dog pee) and spring time way (flowers blossoming). I'm glad to have met this city!


I could be a Dalí

With Salvador Dalí's dad, I feel a connection.


Cinco Stinko

Gettin' old when May 5th is just another Thursday to get through.


My pals!

Suddenly regretting the delicious elk breakfast sausage I ate this weekend. I thought you guys went back up into the hills already!

Blood! Wait,

No. It's the beets. 

Effin' Mystical



Gehry, not Gaudi

I mix up the names, even though they're pretty different dudes. Barcelona has a Gehry in addition to its many Gaudis, though, so that's great. 


It's what you do in France

Walk around some ramparts 
Then go have duck for lunch
And quickly find the bathroom not too long after