If you're going to be trapped in a Focus with us, you might as well laugh at our jokes.

In all fairness JAN specifically said, "We're going to get pizza and beer and eat in the car."

Assumptions were made when folks thought we would be eating our post-aquasize snacks in a reputable place with chairs and, perhaps, a table.  It really worked out, as Julie and I had a literally captive audience of 3 dudes to listen to our laughing ramblings.

12 Days of Christmas from my BFFL

A couple weeks ago I got a call from my school office that I had a package to pick up.  I never order anything so I was sure it was some junk mail that wouldn't fit in my mailbox.  I went to pick it up after I dropped off paperwork for my advisor to sign so I wouldn't be his burden anymore and to my delight and surprise I got this!

it was the best way to end a bad day.   I heart JAN!


Not to be moved.

Bab and I take a lot a crap for our extreme lounging capabilities. Yes sir, a lot of crap. But, in many ways, it's quite beautiful what we accomplish when we commit to devoting a day to snuggling. Pleasure at our leisure. 

Halloween Costume Ideas

"You two are pretty much limited to Jackie Chan and Short Round."


Dueling harmonicas

Definitely a gift you give people right before
you move away.

What a wedgie!!!


My favorite day of year

Happy Winter Solstice, everybody! 
I love that every day after this day will have more sunshine than the day before.  Love it.


The good man

Every time I see John Goodman in a movie, I'm surprised because I am pretty sure he died of a heart attack a few years ago.

Makes my hands tired

In all my 5 times shoveling the driveway I have learned 2 things.

1. Snow pants make for a swampy butt
2. I don't know how to get the snow off the driveway in a semi-orderly fashion


Long johns

The Spanx I never wanted.


Fact: Blackbeard lit off fireworks in his beard just to scare people!

Remember how pirates used to be awesome, but then there were real pirates in Somalia and we had to quit glorifying their terribleness?


I know it's a thing but people just kind of sound like dicks when they're all, "I can't wait to see Le Mis."


Nutcracker and Glurg and the story of Christmas

If you had told me that I wouldn't eat all Saturday in preparation to gord myself before the Nutcracker, only to arrive at the much dreamed about Italian buffet (I had mapped my eating route! Beet salad, crepe table, eggplant parm, crepe table, pizza, cannoli, shrimp bowl, bag of wine under the table) and be told there was no more room at the inn, I would have slapped you on your stupid face. Alas, as Bab and Yay and I trudged down the streets of Denver in the cooold (think Charlie Brown soundtrack), shunned from glorious gluttony, we saw in the distance twinkling light and a collection of Russian nesting dolls. And then, it was as if I was being lead by the warmth, but I knew - knew - there was some hot wein (we lived for the good stuff on our Europe tour) waiting for us. A hot pretzel, a curry wurst, and a few cups of glurg later, we were in the warmth of a giant tent full of dancing Germans and a hay-covered floor. I wouldn't have believed it, but I was no longer sad about the crepe table -it was like we were back in Europe, cold as ever. And then right before the ballet started, the snowflakes fell, and I shouted on the streets, the town crier, "IT'S SNOWING!" and while the rest of the world pretended not to hear what I had just yelled, I was very very glad to have my best pals right beside me. And I was very in love with them both.

Looking back, we were like the wisemen, and glurg was our promised precious baby.

Money talks

"You can be poor and very happy. And you can be very rich and very unhappy!" - Mom

"And you can be very rich and very happy." - Dad



First, you have your typical TMNT battle, fought with honor. 
Then, pizza party!

May some nuclear radiation be a bountiful blessing 
in your life this holiday season!

Con Permisso

BAB and I got permission to go on a trip! We aren't allowed to go on the winery bike tour of France with out our squeaky third wheel, buuuut, we were given permission to go two places:

1) Idaho. To see the potato farms.
2) Hogwarts

Let the planning of an adventure begin! 

Now we just have to ask our bosses.

Double you

Today, the word "Once" went and boggled mah mind.


Dudes of the World -

We girls had crushes on ol' JGL long ago

And you didn't buy that GQ for style tips.


Man on Wire

"I observed the tight rope dancer... because you couldn't call him a walker... approximately half-way between the two towers. I personally figured I was watching something that somebody else would never see again in the world - thought it was once in a lifetime."

- Sgt Charles Daniels (the policeman who helped arrest him)

Black Jesus

will get me every time!


Little Elf

You can't help but love your mom when you hum the NFL theme song, and your mom follows with "Fa la la la la, la la la la."

And your dad just shakes his head.


What did I give thanks for this year?
Getting the hell outta Arizona.

It's Christmastime!


Forgive us

We're sorry the blog is suffering as of late.

We're both drowning. Myself, in homework.
JAN, in snot.


No rise pizza dough

Made us the fool, as it did rise quite rapidly in the oven, leaving room for only 5 pepperonis and a few crappy olives and 3" of dough to bite through. And boy did we regret saying, "You eat the pizza you make, everybody!" Because then everybody learned from our mistake and made delicious pizzas with bountiful toppings and normal thickness of crust. And we had to choke down our words. What's new, eh?


Once in a while, roommates are awesome

Because they do things like this and you get a good laugh and then you just shake your head because there's no telling why.