Thinking it through.

This time of year, first you get your beer, then you get your pizza.

It's Friday!

I'm most excited about the superbowl because 
I get to hang out with this squeaker.



"Isn't it kind of amazing that there hasn't been another nuclear bomb used by anyone?"
"Yea. We're still the only assholes."


Mom The Dream Crusher

Scene: Eating a bowl of noodles lunch at the Noodles restaurant.  I tell my mom that maybe I'd like to make pottery dishes someday and she bursts out laughing.

"It's just that pottery is so hard and you'll have to pay $100 to ship because it will be so heavy!" 

"Fine.  But repeat my dream back to me without laughing."  

"You're going to make. Hehehehehehe pottery heh dishes." hahaha


"I can't do it!"

whozits and whatzits galore

Our shell searching haul from Mexico!
Bab was surprised I even bothered to grab these during the drunken morning rush to pack our suit cases and catch the bus.
Doesn't bab know me at all?!
I'd miss a plane before I'd leave my boodle!


Happy Birthday, sweet baby

[After hiking 20 yards in the wind, only to stop behind a rock and drink whiskey, then head back home]

"I'm glad we know when to say when."
"With alcohol?"
"With hiking."
We love you Robbie!
Glad we got to spend the day
watching your mad scooter skillz
and eating fried pickles.


It's Friday!

May you nap in someone's arms and simultaneously cause them to fall woefully in love with you.


in the future, everything's turning up BAB

"So, Babzz..."
"Just one 'z'."
"Right. Babz... how does it feel? One minute you're picking potatoes, the next you've sold a 100,000 copies of your debut album!"
"Well Ryan Seacrest, it feels pretty damn good."
"Tell me, how did you come up with the lyrics for your hit song?"
"Funny story, really. I was on a vacation to Mexico and after a week of enduring hot sticky skin, we were all pretty chaffed in the thighs and nethers. As we headed to the airport I noticed everyone in the group was cowboy-walking."
"And so, you wrote and choreographed Everybody's Cowboy-Walkin'? and now the whole world is doing it."
"Yes, it's very catchy."
"It's amazing you could turn something terrible, like chaffed tenders, into such a form of energy."
"Yes. I amaze myself sometimes."


3rd Grader Kicks My Ass in Mexico Story-telling

"Did you have fun in Mexico, Silas?"
"Did you snorkel?"
  "Yup, and we saw big sea turtles!"
(Big whoop, we saw baby sea turtles)

"And we went to a monkey sanctuary, where we went in the cages and a monkey sat on my lap and groomed my head."

SCENE: BAB got stung by jelly fish. Refuses offers to be peed upon.

"I'll pee on myself if I have to."
"There's no place a handstand can't reach!"



I rapped Fresh Prince of Bel Aire and then she fell asleep in my arms and then my heart burst into 1000 pieces and then she woke up and then we hugged for a little while.


"Nothing cuter than a little baby with tattoos."

My sister told me that Colin Kaepernick was adopted and Dad told me how.



They're pretty cool because your vacation rashes and bug bites are covered, but softly itched.
The other plus is no leg chafing.


it's friday!

Here's your weekly dose of oh-my cuteness!

Sayonara Sayulita

Although it's nice being allowed to flush tp down the toilet, we miss Mexico! We miss not needing chapstick every 2 minutes. We miss morning margs. We miss churro carts and shower beers and whale spouts and stray dogs named Pedro and sunwarmed skin and getting to have quiet mornings and pal-around all-damn-day time. Vacation withdrawls.

yo quiero mexico!


Vacation to Mexico!!

My mom predicts that I'll be bringing home a local.  

I guess I'd take a professional athlete. 


The Brits sure do love Laura Linney


auld lang

Happy New Year! Here's to you and your bffl - the one who you can't look directly in the eye on your wedding day or during Little Women after Beth dies, or else you'll start the completely unbecoming weep-laugh, from which there is no return.

Come on, 2014, we're gonna rock you like a hurricane.