how original!

It would be especially fun to be black during Halloween, you could just dress up in all the typical costumes, but the Black version. It's always, always the better version.
"What's that?"
"I'm black Dorothy!"


no, kitty, that's meh potpie

Robbie:  Brittany reminded me you're allergic to cat hair, so I vacuumed the carpets and couch twice!
JAN:  Thanks!
BAB: You are allergic to cats, aren't you?
JAN:  No.

Get your iodine

JAN eating a sheet of seaweed.


The truth

"Uh, actually, Mr. Appleseed, these apples are a huge nuisance.  They gunk up my yard and then I have an infestation of squirrels!  How many apple trees did you plant anyways?  It seems absurd to have so many on one block.  I mean, there's only so many pieces of apple pie you can eat in a day."

it's a loud cry from your heart

I hope 27 feels 
and looks
exactly like this 

(including bab dancing so hard
she has to rip her sleeves off)


The lunch of champions!

The go-to meal for champions like me and Robyn's dad when he's stranded in the Moab desert.

Pretty terrible.


Let the angels shine down on this-here birthday girl

You're going to make a Great 27-year-old, JAN!
I love her because she called me, "loveable."


I'll be needing a tiny broom and tiny declawed flying monkies

"You should just wear that tiny witch hat for Halloween. Oh man that'd be so cute! You could be a tiny witch who got hit with an enlargement spell 
except her hat didn't get hit."


the little flower vase IS pretty rad

Where do I start with the many wonderful accents of this German locomotive? Let's ignore the wheel you have to crank like one of those LOTR trolls in order to recline. MY favorite part is the little domed logo on the steering wheel, made out of the world's most reflective element on earth. It's great because I'm a little fraulein who needs to see her mug in a mirror at any girly whim while driving. It's especially great because the convex mirror catches the blinding reflection of the sun no matter what direction you turn. It really is the volk's wagon.

Hilter may have done many terrible things, and this is no exception.


I never learned how to crochet a washrag.

Crap, the furlough is over and I didn't do anything on my to-do list!
I did get to hang out with a lot of cool people and I drank quite a bit.  Shout-out to my grandparents, nieces and nephew, sister, parents, pals, bffl and various acquaintances along the way.

Good for her

I like jogging in a baseball cap for the following reasons
1) It keeps the radiation filled sun off, at least, my forehead

2) No matter how slow I'm going or hard I'm breathing, people who go by me are thinking "Good for that new mom!  Finding the time to get out at least once in a great while."


V-DC Day

Feeling pretty excited because I battled the Asian dry cleaner down $4! Sure, I was scared. But I thought about how proud my motherinlaw would be if I haggled with the human race who invented the philosophy that the sticker price is just a bar to be limboed.

Zombie baby

"Mom I'm hungry.  I want to eat your brain."


Guess who?

Hint: [theme song] doo do-do do do do-do dododododo DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO DododoDO!


i spy octopi

It's Friday and you know what that means, leave me alone because I'm living for 5 o'clock.

Can you find the octopus tentacle? So chewy and sticky and delicious!


Neil Young

You know, the one who sings "Heart of Goooollld."


spooky scary

Tiny, adorable, and less likely to break the glass when the neighbor kids smash it over your windshield!


Our next creative project: Rewrite of the ballet Giselle

We thought the story had all the makings for a great ballet - love, loss, dead dancers.  The music was just too perky and generic ballet, the end could be so good and creepy!  The man tights, perhaps a little too tight.  And some fluff dancing there in the middle.

So all JAN and I have to learn is how to write classical music, sew, and ballet choreography.  But I swear when we're done, we'll like a lot more.



Our own little Furlough was in good spirits last night, even though she was paying to be on vacation, people. I'm glad she felt we were worthy of her indefinite free time!



I can't bring myself to take off the wedding day toenail polish! Mostly out of laziness, a little bit out of sentiment. Aaaand a little bit because TJ was disgusted at being able to see how much my nails have grown in two months - it's for better or worse, sucka!

Unpaid vacations are the worst kind of vacations

They shut down my work and I'm a little depressed.


Carcinogenic yam fries. I still ate 'em.

Why do websites keep telling me to cook things at 450 degrees?

But more importantly, why do I continue to listen and burn the shit out of everything?