It's just soda.

"There's only 1 thing that goes in an American flag koozie.
                  And that's Coors Light."



I'm still not 100% sure why there's pictures of How To Train Your Dragon: 2 drive-in on my phone.  We must have had a reason other than delicious sangria.

I win the race!

It takes TJ  five minutes longer to bicycle ride to work than it takes me! 

Don't consider that his ride is twice as long.

finding nemo

Once upon a time he was a little baby who I could impress with my magnadoodle drawings, and then suddenly he's an almost 3rd grader who corrects me when i mistakenly say a fish looks like a brontosaurus instead of a brachiosaurus. But, he still gives a good hug and screamed and ran when the water splashed us in the flash flood simulator. I followed suit.



Get yourself some chunky thighs to love
this weekend. 


what a bunch of Huffpuffs

[A phone conversation]

JAN: Let's wait to put on our robes until right before the concert. Just so we don't look too weird walking around Denver!
MEGAN: Oh yeah, that's what I was thinking too! [ashamed, secretly takes off HP glasses and robes]
It was only because of Megan's bravery
that BAB and I were conviced we should wear these robes!
(Even though B didn't wear her glasses the whole time)
The symphony-goers loved it!
And we sweated our aces off.
And I had to admit to another adult female that
"My mom made these robes."


natural selection

I was recently pondering aloud about a real concern I've been carrying for a while: if I had been born an indian, how would I have survived because without contacts or glasses, I'm pretty much blind. Would I have just sat by the fire, weaving baskets? I surely couldn't hunt buffalo or gather berries. Then TJ informed me that I probably wouldn't have been a choice bride by nature so I would have been left as a lonely old spinster who no one wanted to mate with and by natural selection my gene defect would go extinct.

 So, pretty much if I had been born an indian, my life wouldn't be that much different.


JAN's coworker is stressed at work!

"I told her I would sprinkle more M&Ms into my glass bowl whenever I assign her a ticket so she'll associate a ticket with good things! hah! She said she's not a Pavlovian dog. Coulda fooled me."


Being on the scored goals reel is every keeper's nightmare.

171 Goals Scored: 2014 was a record high number of goals scored in a World Cup, tied with 1998 in France.

"Must be because of global warming."

what I'll be doing under my desk at work for the next few weeks

It feels magical, like I'm reading it 
for the first time.


monkies would make terrible leaders

"How many times have I asked you
if you've seen the original Planet of the Apes
When I'm old and losing it, people will be like,
'She's losing her mind, she asks all the time if I've seen Planet of the Apes.' And you'll be like,
 "Nah, she's done that forever.'"



"Reese, your vacation drawings are sooo good that I don't even feel like I need to look at the real photographs!"

"Grandma, I didn't even stand under a palm tree."


viet hoa!

About a year ago, my favorite Asian market closed! 
I was so bummed out because that meant I could no longer
buy all my favorite weird things! 
Then as if a gift from Siam, 
we drove by it in the slums of our neighborhood!
It hadn't closed, just relocated!
The big white girl is back, baby!
And this time I had cred because TJ 
was with me!

A weird flakey wax-paper wrapped cookie?
I'll take a box, thank you!

The frog bucket.



"Good luck to us both on our sweaty ass bike rides home!"
      - jan

I want to play for Brazil because you get to select your own name! Granted, you have to live up to it.

#7  Hulk 
My favorite


Tiger Balm? Tiger Balm!

Brazil can be summed up in one phrase - Tiger Balm! We sang a song about it every night, put it on our itchy bites and blisties and bugged the crap out of Andy.


my favorite little E.T.

I bought her that clown doll.
The one thing I swore I would never do to a child!

I don't think this one is scary to her though, because she bit his face upon first inspection.