Here's a view of what went on UNDERNEATH our jeans in the ex-commie countries.

in which we blow another typical moment-in-life situation with a joke and consequent laughter

"Lets see The Ring. It's pretty! And big!"
"Yeah. You should marry whoever gave that to you."

Oh look, a deli-meat.

You try eating this and not giggling uncontrollably into your mustard. Oh, the multitude of possibilities for making dirty jokes at mealtime.
I think we miss that most of all.


"That was redundant."

"Well, I don't even know what 'redundant' means... So now who's the stupid, idiot, moron?"
"Why are you two laughing so hard?"
"She was being [snort] redundant."

let's doublethink this wall thing

During our tour through the once Communist-loving-Beatles-hating Berlin, we heard a lot about the hardships of life before the wall came down.  Like people didn't have to work very much, education was really good, nobody was allowed to smile, and if I remember correctly, when games of Monopoly were played, all participants won. Talk about equality. And the whole time I was shaking my head in visible disapproval of government tyranny, I was thinking to myself, "Communism is my idea of what heaven is like."


Plague, anyone?

I got $5 for spotting the first wildlife in Berlin.   It was pretty cute, and pretty dead.



Get ready, world.  For some EXTREME blogging.

But first, we have to go into sleep comas and then write hate letters to JFK airport.

Just get ready.


auf wiedersehen, you uncultured swines.

tomorrow, we're going to Europe for 3 weeks. and neither of us have elected to pack a hairbrush.

it's gonna be a good trip.