she's bringing the ham

Here's a little Wednesday cheer!

And i just realized I hadn't even put up any pictures of my favorite baby! Which is extra crazy because I look through them every day! She's so awesome.


Pen name: Joan Riviera

I think JAN should be  a romance novel writer.  When her characters get to a steamy part, it could be exactly that - Steamy.

He gazed deeply into her deep brown eyes and the room got all steamy.  Who knows exactly what happened?  Maybe they were in there hugging for 30 minutes.  

Those boots were made for layin around & wiggling

This is what happens when Aunt BAB and JAN change your diaper and dress you: you pee all over yourself and you come out looking like you're going hunting in the sugar plum fairy's forrest and then joining a rodeo for babies. oh man, a baby rodeo would be so cute! She'll wrestle a baby cow but really, they'll just cuddle and share a bottle of milk.


Nut crackers

A good way to annoy your husband: sit around all morning and eat peanuts with your girlfriends. We were recovering from a hard night! Robbie made us see a 12 hour movie about a slave who escaped slavery, only to be tricked back into it! So then we had to drown our cry-headaches with lots and lots of beer. Thus the reason we were laying around at 10am, munching on a big bag of nuts (No she didn't!). It couldn't be helped.

"This bag of peanuts was only $3.99!"
"Are they elephant grade?"


In good time

Being that we were eating Little Ceasar's pizza and drinking beer at the time of this photograph, chances are good that we will eventually be Curves customers.


J.H.H. after being crashed into for the 3x

"The most insulting thing is that the drivers always seem so relieved when they see what a piece of crap my car is."

Jay! We have the same shoes! I buy in the men's section because i have wide, amazonian feet.


home improvements

We broke and replaced our waterheater in one day! Boo ya. You can tell i'm pretty proud of him and his Al Borland skillz, especially if you were at that bonfire party this weekend when I stood infront of 10 people I didn't know and bragged about the whole thing, quite possibly shouted it. In my defense, TJ is awesome and brag-worthy. And those people needed to know it.


In contrast to JAN's nutso week,

mine was about the Zen of making tiny bubbles in a very breakable glass chip.
I sent those Denver kids chill vibes while cutting and fastening 0.8mm tubes into place.


the cat's meowww

This 4-day week was a doozy. I'm glad it's Friday so I can finally get down. In my warm ducky-fleece pajamas and watch some damn Disney movies. It's not a fun night when you have to pick your good friend up from the hospital and realize you're not the best in panic situations. Actually, I am the best - at panicking, manifested in the form of shakeylegs. And it's a heartbreaking morning spent cleaning his blood off the back door, knowing how scary and painful and effed up it all was. But! He's OK! You could have done worse, Phil. And we're so glad you didn't. The world needs the good-hearted ones, even if they have a few shorter fingers. Plus, chicks dig scars.
I'm not even mad i didn't get the pizza dinner I had been looking forward to all the livelong day, that's  how much I like ol' Philly mouskawitz!



I'm always hearing, "That newborn baby is actually very cute, not ugly and squished like newborns usually are!"
But who's the idiot going around saying, "That's your typical newborn human baby: squished and ugly." ?


The dangers of not having a microphone

Out of a group of 7 peeps, you're lucky if 1 hears your jokes.  

Oh man, it's worse if you're with a dude and a television because you're chances slide to 0.001%, which sucks because soccer offers up so many opportunities for laughs.  


i live for these cookies

BAB's dad couldn't tell that this batch of sugar cookies were cowboy hats. Which is crazy because I'm pretty sure Clint Eastwood sported a hat just like this in one of those spaghetti movies.

i wish my phone had photoshop.