ég sakna þín

BAB and Tiny tagging along on JAN and TJ's Iceland trip. 
Missing JAN.  3 small glasses of wine in mah belly.

Circus Circus

Just a girl and her Yorkie.  True love.

Treebeard? Is that you?

"You know it.  I moved to CO."


Vote! Vote! Vote!

I friggin felt like Paul Revere today as I jogged the mile down the street to the municiple building, ballot in hand, with a giant flag waving at the end of the street from the cemetery. The sun was shining and I felt pretty happy to be a sweaty American gal.

You better believe I voted for the raisins ♡


5 years olds can really cut the tension in a rough situation

Thank goodness for that!
Mam-ma's getting radioactive liver beads tomorrow.  Let them work.

The Guru

"Oprah says when someone tells you who they are, you listen." 

Fine, I'll try a little harder to respect your truth.


Thirty Flirty Friday

When you turn 30
& you can read through
your b-day texts
& get to laugh all day
& feel all loved & happy
you found the right people,
I guess you're doing your
time on earth 

Now, go ahead
& buy yourself that pair
of Birkenstocks because
you old enough, 

Happy Friday!
(& birthday)


Let's build the wall & take it up along the northern border of AZ

[Half a bottle into Kirkland Signature wine.
Which, by the way, tastes like it should turn your lips & teeth a deep drunken purple, but it doesn't!]

"Obama is the worst President ever. People are tired and want change! He never should have been a politician. He doesn't have any political experience. Sure, the ladies think he's good looking if that matters to a person, but not to me ..."
"Of course it does, Grandpa! I like to know I want to be groped by the President, not that I unwillingly have to be."


Hilarities at work


The after-effects

"I'm just going to say this and leave it at that.  At least with Chipotle, you usually know fast."  


It's the little things that prove you are M.F.E.O.

J: How is there not a waffle emoji?
TJ: Ya, no kidding!


Heart of gold

Bob loved that candid likeness
you carved for him!


I was afraid to ask. Because I really like you.

It is a siiigh of relief when your friends tell you they are voting for The Woman.