the candy aunt can

I'm on a quest to find awesome candy that I will always have in my pockets or purse for my niece! I'm an aunt now, world! And i don't ever remember my aunts having awesome candy waiting for me in their pockets. Probably because i was the last of the cousins and they had spent their wad on the older bunch. I do have one really early memory of my aunt pulling me in a raft along the shallow ocean shoreline, and then a wave came and capsized the boat and i got trapped under it for a while. My aunt felt pretty terrible and carried me back to the house & I made sure to cry the whole way, probably because i was so pissed off. Candy would have greatly altered the outcome and my recollection of the event. Even now, I'm still pissed about all that saltwater I gobbled.

I vow never to almost drown my niece and not have penitence in the form of candy readily available.

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