What is a litmus test anyway?

If I had to set up a challenge for JAN and TJ to prove how much they love me, it would pretty much go exactly as Saturday March 7 went.

Take me for a walk, go eat sugary danish breakfast, invite all 7 of my friends over and make a sushi dinner with spring rolls on the side (the most difficult of all dinners to get to the table) and not even tell me that you're pretty stressed and got oil burns from frying food!  All while I'm obliviously drinking Lucky Buddha beers in the other room.

They scored a 15.800 (same score that got McKayla Maroney first place going into the Olympic finals, where she would make a small stumble and get 2nd overall, but we were all still very impressed)
 and next time we'll order pizza.


Jay said...

I want Buddha beers...

YAY said...

I had the unique opportunity to determine, once and for all, that it IS better to let your blisters heal with skin & fluid intact versus ANY other accidental or purposeful removal of blister skin. ;) that was a good party beebs. Here's to 29 being "dirty" if nothing else. lol.