"That amazing jerk."

This weekend, JHH III walks for his PhD and joins the ranks of the other great doctors of our time: Cosby, Kevorkian, Quinn, Holliday, Marten.
Rest assured, Bab & Jan did absolutely nothing to help him climb this impressive mountain, but we like to think we planted the fear of mediocrity back in the college days, as we sat across the table drinking giant mugs of beer, eating mini pepperoni pizzas, looking as if we belonged in an episode of Drew Carey. Could it have been us, with our sweat mustaches and seemingly endless thirst, who promoted him to run full-throttle towards a life of achievement? Not only snagging a wife who could be from the land of Rivendell, having a baby who we can't yet be sure (but we are sure) is the smartest baby alive, and then building a secret lair ("tornado shelter") while earning his degree. Like one of those fancy poodles. If he had known he was going to be this successful back then, he sure hid it well!

Tonight, we raise our beers to you JHH III, a good friend with a great laugh, who  was probably right when he diagnosed Jan & Bab as lesbos so many years ago.

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