If you want to stress out your friend, move to a different country and leave your precious plant in their care.

I have a plant that was 
bequeathened to me when
a friend moved to Guatemala
for two years.
It's a special little plant,
because it's supposed to grow
these buds and I am supposed
to harvest them and save them
so that when she returns
she can make a tincture!
A freaking tincture.
And I adore her, so I don't mind.
But this plant was a little bitch
this past winter and dropped 
every damned leaf!
And all I could think about was that
promised tincture,
so I lovingly repotted it
and for over 6 months
this is what I looked like:
And everyone,
I mean everyone
asked why I had a stick in a pot,
and I would give them my best
worst spitty impression of Samwise Gamgee,
"I made a promise, a pffromiss, Mr. Frodo."

Then one warm day
little buds appeared
and then two branches grew 
and grew and grew.
It doesn't look as pretty 
as the original leaves did,
but, it liiiiives!!!
Which is great because she recently asked about it:

Never let an adorable hippy
become your very dear friend.

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