This little squeaker
turned 2!!
What the heck, life?
She likes to say,
"No, NO Aunt Juji!"
But I forgive her because
when she got knocked
 to the ground
at her party, 
she looked so sad 
with a quivering lip
and reached one chubby hand
up for someone to grab her.
And she let ME comfort and kiss 
her in that sweet moment.
Then she said,
"No, NO."
and made me let her go.


Noel Nemcik said...

Agh, when she fell and her little arms were out and her fists were opening and closing and she was like "hold me! somebody HOLD ME!" You lucky duck :)

Julie said...

Yep! Like, "I'll take any of you! Just get to me!" Then when Gammy came near, she had enough of my efforts.