Tomorrow is only Wednesday. Just remember that time you got to hold a baby sea turtle, and breathe.

When baby sea turtles finally make it to the ocean (no small feat) they begin what is called a "swimming frenzy" lasting for several days, kicking their little fins and tail as fast as they possibly can, with the goal being to get far away from shore where risks of being eaten are oh-so high. After the frenzy, what happens in a turtles life is relatively unknown. Scientists call it their "lost years." But, I like to think they're just swimming along with their best friends, seeing the ocean views, eating snacks, and once a year they swim as fast as they can and yell "FRENZY!" just to remember that one time when they defied the odds and got their first taste of salty water.

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The Buddies said...

Editor's note: this was originally written for my Sven.

Editor's 2nd note: that is really MY hand holding that baby turtle! He got washed back to shore, so we took him in past the break.