Suffrage always sounds so depressing

We were a little pissed at all the fembots who keep pushing for roles in military combat and have caused the dudes to retort that if women want to play war so bad, then make us all sign up for the draft. Equality in yo' face, bitchez. But then we remembered how easily women would end wars because we'd just put fake boobs on all the drones. Then the rebel forces would be captivated, because BOOBIES, and only a small part of their brains would wonder why there is just a pair of boobs floating in the sky, but a bigger, gruntier part of their brain would simply want to stand up and move in closer because they want to make sure what they've heard is true: not all nipples look alike. But before they can figure it out, they have been shot by the nipple-guns that are shielded by the self-awareness of woman and the transparency of man.

So I guess what we're saying is
sign us up, bro.

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