Birthday Girrrrrl

It's BAB's birthday #9 (because the only ones that count are the ones we've gotten to share)! Do yourself a favor and don't go back through each year of old emails and find the birthday highlights. Because then you'll read things like "Remember in college when we used to be able to dance at midnight when our birthdays came around? I'm so glad we got to be roommates." And then you'll get a little weepy & you can't think what to tell your best friend on their 9th birthday that isnt a gutpunch. So, I'll just take a line out of the 2012 birthday email, "I can't wait to see you tonight! And hold you in my arms like I did when you turned 22."

Happy birthday, BFFL! Let's get drunk in the parked car and eat a pizza, like we always do. Some things stay the same, if you love'em well enough.

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Brittany said...

We're just 2 gals who weep at everything because life's too lovely.