My bags are packed and full of souvenirs

After non delicious mall food for my last Spanish meal, I stopped by a restaurant near my hotel for one last tinto de verano
I can and can't believe my trip is over. I'm happy I was here for song long because it gave me time to be excited, then exhausted, homesick, back to excited and finally settle into a rhythm of being used to traveling.    I won't miss that all the restaurant kitchens are closed from 4pm-8:30pm, my prime eating hours. But I WILL miss a free tapa with my drink, historic sights all over, walking and public transporting everywhere and tortilla for breakfast.   Now I'm ready for some CO adventures and I'm SOOO excited to have drinks with friends!!!  

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The Buddies said...

Yay you did it! And proved everyone wrong by not getting bill-Cosbied.