Defining the enemy.

[HRC on NPR this morning]

"Do you believe you have the enemy properly defined?"
Trump as usual is obsessed with name-calling, and from my perspective it matters what we DO and not what we SAY… We face terrorist enemies who use Islam to justify slaughtering innocent people and we have to stop them, and we will... Whether you call it radical-Jihadism or radical-Islamism - I think they mean the same thing, I’m happy to say either - but that’s not the point… Trump goes way too far. He then demonizes Muslims, American Muslims. He wants to ban all Muslims from everywhere in the world, including the Mayor of London who has spoken out about this.
“Well, Trump has said he’ll make some exceptions.” 
Well, isn’t that good of him.

[jan begins to erase "Bernie" from ballot write-in]

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