Happy Painting and God bless my friends

Oh man, this morning I was eating cereal and discovered Bob Ross is on netflix! And the sights and sounds took me straight back to my childhood and my mom's arms and my needing to be lulled with every brushstroke into a peaceful nap. Then Bob said he and his wife Nancy were raising not 1 but 3 baby squirrels! And that he would explain how to feed them while he finished painting the clouds in the sky, a simple technique that needn't instructions. To feed a hungry baby squirrel, you get syringe with a rubber nipple, then they latch on and you gently squeeze the squirrel formula (?) into their mouths. Then I realized Bob is missing the top digit of his fingie! But all these years I never noticed because he holds his pallet just-so. Then last minute (literally) he added another rock right in the corner where before had just been water. It was quite the roller coaster of surprises! And a beautiful seascape was the result.

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