You didn't get the postcard I sent you?

Floating in the Gulf somewhere is a giant bag full of postcards people have tried to send while vacationing in Mexico. That is why you never got that awesome one I sent you (after running around town looking for the elusive stamp and mythical Mexican post office and chaffing my tenders), which is a damned shame because it had a naked muchacho on the front wearing a sombrero on his head and then a little sombrero on his other head and the printed caption was "Dos Amigos" and I wrote, That is a small sombrero, if yo comprendo. I hope whoever threw it into the ocean at least bothered to read it and give a chuckle.

Bab is in Mexico this week! Even though I don't expect to receive a postcard, I do expect her to send one. I do not care how hot it is down there.

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