Mission impossible accomplished

After 2 weeks of dedication, I just finished reading this here blog in its entirety.  Here are 2 facts about our baby: there are roughly 1700 posts, the best one is all of them, don't even try to pick a favorite because one of us will be a little hurt and it began back in a little house in Ft. Collins that had yellow paint and brown trim (a terrible combination of colors).

It's interesting to point out that there used to be a lot more fictional tales, we've transitioned to mostly true stories these days.  My catch phrase is usually 'real life is more hilarious than fake,' but sometimes it's not because in the fake world raccoons glow in the dark and tease you, little league allows 2 adult ladies to join their team, we arm wrestle, join the Lollipop Guild, visit the original, incorrect 4-corners and grow Todd Helton goatees.

It was voted Best Thing to Look at on the Interdoobie independently by both jan and i.

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Julie said...

This review should win an Oscar.