"HP symphony on NPR Classical!"
"Wahhhttt! Also it snowed this morning!"
"Magical times all around! There was a story on NPR about abortion and I was like too much for a Friday! then I switched to classical and it was HP!"
"Christmas has come early! Actually, no snow here, just fog and cold. More like when the dementors come to town."
"See what I'm sayin about NPR? No balance! It's either flute music and talking about butterflies or crazy hard core news! Dementors! Haha - it was very Privet Drive-esque!"
"True, you have no time to prepare for the butterfly report or the abortion one."
"Bab - you need to eat some chocolate. It will help you feel better. Prof Lupin told me so."
"Great idea! Thank goodness for my chocolate covered coffee bean stash."
"Mmmmm chocolate beans!?"

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