frozen fractals all around

After 10 minutes of cursing and slipping around on the driveway,  I was able to chip this 2x3" porthole in the icy layer covering my car along with the rest of this forsaken tundra.Then I said eff it, and drove to work. According to reports, BAB didn't fare much better.
It would have been nice to know
it was going to rain then snow,
Kathy Sabine of 9news.


Robyn Klein said...

I had the exact same experience this morning. Only I also checked the mail, and recieved a jury summons as well. Amazing morning.

JAN said...

Robbieeeeeeeeeeee! We miss you! Just tell the judge you don't believe in second chances and you think most people blew the first one when they weren't baptized.

Brittany said...

Come back to us, Robyn!!!