Squirrel Gingienacht

Hooch searched the wreckage. There were no survivors.


Brittany said...

Rumor has it, based off of a short black hair found at the scene, the perps may have actually been RACCOONS! Gingienacht just went from cute to terrifying.

JAN said...

Pest control man: "Definitely a raccoon infestation. They've setup camp in the chimney. It's important to deplete the area of all food sources. Do you have any ideas what they might be thriving on?"
JAN: "Uh, maybe the... giant ass gingerbread house... I put on the porch... and was unknowingly providing a nightly feast. It was INTENDED for adorable squirrels. Not these fucking monsters. It's odd they didn't favor the gum drops, like what, you eat TRASH but gum drops cross the vermin line?"
[Pest Control man stares with opened mouth, a slight wheeze to his breath]